EzyReg transactions

Use the links on this page to go straight to EzyReg and complete a transaction. General information about each transaction can be found in the various transport topics - try searching or browse using the site navigation.

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Renew vehicle registration
Check registration expiry date
Monthly direct debit
Registration reminder 
Reprint registration receipt (tax invoice)
Calculate renewal fee - your vehicle
Calculate renewal fee - new vehicle
Check high powered vehicle status
Check personal property securities register 

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Your details

Change address
Obtain a joint client number
Replace proof of age card

EzyReg account

Set up direct debit registration payments, view, renew and replace your disability parking permit and view demerit points online.

Create an EzyReg account
Login - EzyReg account

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Renew boat registration

Icon Scooter 


Renew driver's licence
Renew learner's permit
Replace licence or permit
Make a 'ur choice' payment
Check demerit points

Number plates

Order replacement plates
Order a bike rack number plate 
Design and buy a plate
Renew number plate agreement  

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Heavy vehicles

Notify lost, stolen or destroyed work diary 

Oversize and overmass permits

New vehicle listing (Form A)
New vehicle permit (Form B)
Renew vehicle permit (Form C)
Permit or vehicle search
Outstanding permit payment 

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Vehicle inspections

Make an inspection booking
Cancel an inspection booking
Vehicle inspection enquiry     

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Ezyreg help

Transaction help
Payment help
Printing help
Definitions help 

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Delegates login

Page last updated: 29th September 2015