Fuel pricing information for motorists

Petrol price information is available in real time to make it easy for South Australian motorists to find the cheapest fuel.

Check fuel prices

Find the cheapest fuel near you by using one of these fuel price apps or websites.

These apps and websites have signed up to publish fuel price data under South Australia's Fuel Pricing Information Scheme.

Check the price for different types of fuels including:

  • diesel, biodiesel and premium diesel
  • unleaded and premium unleaded
  • ethanol blends – eg E10
  • gas – eg LPG, LNG.

Each time a petrol station changes the price of its fuel, the data must be updated within 30 minutes.

Report a petrol station

If prices don't match between the bowser and a fuel price app, or petrol stations are missing from a fuel price app, report this to Consumer and Business Services (CBS).

You can also use any of the fuel price apps or websites to lodge a report.

Contact CBS

Online: Contact CBS

Phone: 131 882

GPO Box 1719
Adelaide SA 5001

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