Report road hazards and faults

You should report any hazards that present a risk to the safety of road users.

Hazards may include:

  • debris on the road - eg a fallen tree, gravel, glass
  • the need for road maintenance
  • damaged safety railing or guardrails
  • a dead animal causing a traffic hazard on a roadway.

Reporting a hazard

Phone the Traffic Management Centre on 1800 018 313. Make a note of the hazard’s location - if possible, identify a landmark that will make the location easy to find.

Reporting faults or damage

Traffic light faults

Report traffic light faults to the Traffic Management Centre, where possible, prior to reporting the fault, please note the faulty item’s identification number and its location.

Roadside emergency phones

Emergency phones are located along roads that do not have easy access to public phones - eg the Southern Expressway and  the Heysen Tunnels.

About emergency phones

Most phones are activated by pressing a button and are connected to the Traffic Management Centre, they can automatically see the location of each phone.

Phones are usually placed at 1 kilometre intervals on both sides of the road so that motorists do not need to cross the road. On the Southern Expressway phones are positioned at 500 metre intervals, and in the Heysen Tunnels they are located 50 metres apart on the walls. Report damaged or faulty phones to the Traffic Management Centre.

Reporting graffiti on roadsides

Graffiti or posters on roadside signs, bridges, traffic lights and guardrails can offend or distract road users.


Traffic Management Centre

GPO Box 1533 
Adelaide SA 5000

Phone:1800 018 313

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