Check a registration

If you're not sure if a vehicle or boat is registered, it's best to check.

Registration is valid until midnight of the expiry date - eg if the registration is due to expire on the 26 June, the vehicle can be driven up until midnight on the 26 June.

Check online

To check a vehicle (such as a car, caravan, motorcycle or trailer), you'll need the plate number.

To check a boat, you'll need the boat registration number.

What's included in the online check

A free registration check includes:

  • the registration expiry date
  • the make
  • body or hull type
  • colour
  • compulsory third party (CTP) insurer (vehicles only)
  • heavy vehicle details (gross vehicle/combination/trailer mass)
  • last 4 digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN).

If the vehicle is currently suspended, stolen, defected or written off, a generic message will display advising so. Specific details are not included.

If you intend on buying a vehicle from a private seller, there is a different process to find out if there is any money owing on it.

Renew registration


You can renew your vehicle registration online even if it has expired.


You can renew your boat registration online. If it has expired, your registration will automatically update from the date of payment (no higher administration fee applies).

Check your registrations

With a mySAGOV account you can view a list of vehicles registered in your name and their details - eg VIN, engine number.

If you're needing a replacement registration certificate or a copy of your receipt you can also download these from your account.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your mySAGOV account using your internet browser (not the mySAGOV app)
  2. Select Vehicle list in the Vehicles section
  3. Select Details alongside the relevant plate number
  4. View the vehicles details or scroll down to download your documents.

There is a different process if you need a copy of your notice of disposal details for a car you've sold. You'll need to request information about the vehicle through Service SA.

Need help?

Contact Service SA

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