Cancel registration and claim a refund

Cancel registration for your vehicle, trailer or motorbike and reclaim the cost of unused registration.

How refunds are calculated

You can cancel registration online if you have a mySAGOV account and you want to:

  • temporarily unregister a vehicle that you intend to re-register within 12 months
  • claim the unused portion of registration for a vehicle you've sold.

In both these cases you don't need to surrender the number plates.

To cancel online:

  1. Log in to your mySAGOV account
  2. Select Vehicle list in the Vehicles section
  3. Select Details alongside the registration number of the relevant vehicle
  4. Scroll down and under Payments, select Cancel registration

Create an account if you don't already have one.

Other ways to cancel

Other ways to cancel

In some cases you need to surrender the number plates. The only exceptions are if you:

  • provide supporting documentation for why the plates can't be surrendered
  • declare on the application that you will re-register the vehicle in the future.

Complete an application form (201.9 KB PDF) and lodge it along with the supporting documentation required for:

If you have a special number plate agreement - eg custom or personalised - you are not required to surrender the plates when cancelling registration providing the plate agreement is valid.

How to apply

In person

Take the application form and documents to a Service SA customer service centre.


Send the application form and documents to:

Service SA
GPO Box 1533
Adelaide SA 5001

What happens next

A cancellation is effective from the date it is processed and refund cheques are posted to the registered owner in approximately 10 working days. To request the refund to be paid to another party, complete a procuration order (356.0 KB PDF).

How refunds are calculated

  • A pro-rata refund is calculated on the remaining portion of the vehicle’s registration fee, compulsory third party insurance premium and lifetime support scheme levy.
  • No refund is issued on the stamp duty on the compulsory third party insurance, administration fee, or emergency services levy components of the original registration fee.
  • An administration fee of $20 is deducted from the amount refundable.

New plates will be issued when re-registering a vehicle that has had its number plates surrendered. A fee of $31 is payable.

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