Replace driver's licence after identity theft

If your driver's licence details are exposed in a data breach, or you are a victim of identity theft, you can apply to replace your licence card. When you do this, your licence number will remain the same but your card number will change. The card number is a unique security number on the back of your driver's licence. It is needed to pass a Document Verification Service (DVS) check.

Latitude Financial data breach

If you have had your SA driver's licence details exposed in the Latitude data breach, you may need to replace your licence card.

The usual fee of $20 will be waived.

Who needs a replacement licence

You only need to replace your SA driver's licence if Latitude has notified you that both your driver's licence number and the card number have been compromised.

How to apply

Latitude has advised the government of SA driver’s licence holders affected by the recent data breach. If we have received your details and you have a mySAGOV account, you can apply online.

Online applications will be blocked if we haven't received your details from Latitude. If this happens but you've been advised to replace your licence, apply in person.

If you are currently interstate or overseas, phone Service SA to discuss options.

Apply online

You can apply online if you have a mySAGOV account and we have received your details from Latitude.

No fee will be charged.

Apply in person

Complete a replacement licence form (127.4 KB PDF)

Take the form to Service SA along with any information you have received from Latitude on this matter.

No fee will be charged.

What happens next

Once your request has been processed, a new card will be posted to you.

Your licence with its new unique card number will also be immediately available digitally on the mySAGOV app.

Refunds if you already paid for a replacement licence

Customers who have already paid the fee for a replacement licence can apply in person at a Service SA centre for a refund.

A refund cheque will be generated overnight and sent via post. It can take up to 12 days to receive the cheque.

Changing your driver's licence number and card number

If you prefer to change both your driver's licence number and your card number, you can apply to change your licence number.

Complete the change of licence form

Take the form to a Service SA centre along with evidence that your personal details have been compromised.

If you have been affected by the Latitude data breach, the usual $20 fee for a replacement licence will be waived.

DVS checks

A DVS check is used by organisations such as banks to verify government issued identity documents such as driver’s licence and passports. When verifying a driver's licence, the DVS requires both the driver's licence number and the card number to be provided.

Replacing your licence and thereby changing the card number protects you from any unauthorised DVS checks using the old licence card’s information.

If your licence has been replaced or renewed since the licence details were provided to the organisation that has suffered a data breach, you may not need to replace your driver's licence.

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