Lodge a disposal notice

When you sell or dispose of an SA vehicle  — including a car, trailer, caravan or motorcycle — you must lodge a disposal notice as soon as possible.

Lodging a disposal notice will:

  • notify Service SA that you are no longer the current owner of the vehicle
  • authorise the transfer of remaining registration to the new owner
  • assist you to avoid being held responsible for the new owner's parking or driving offences.

Notify Service SA online using a mySAGOV account. Create an account if you don't already have one.

There is no fee to lodge a disposal notice.

You'll need:

  • the buyer's:
    • South Australian licence or client number, or date of birth
    • first name and family name
  • the date and time of sale, and the selling price.

If you don't have all the buyer's details, or have sold the vehicle interstate, see other ways to lodge a notice.

Transfer of remaining registration

When you lodge a notice of disposal, you are authorising transfer of the remaining registration to the buyer.

You will need to cancel the registration if you do not authorise the transfer of remaining registration to the buyer.

Cancellation is not automatic and must be completed separately. You should advise the buyer that the vehicle will be unregistered.

Special number plates

If you have special plates and want to keep them, you need to visit a Service SA customer service centre to get new general-issue plates before you sell your vehicle. A new plate fee applies.

Contact Service SA


Only send general enquiries online. Service SA will respond within three working days.

If the matter is urgent or is specifically about your current licence or registration, phone or visit a customer service centre instead.

Enquire now


Call Service SA between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays:

In person

Service SA Customer Service Centre locations and opening hours.

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