Left hand drive vehicle single trip exemption

Under South Australian legislation, a motor vehicle must be right hand drive. You may apply for an exemption to this rule in order to drive a left hand drive vehicle from and to specified destinations. This applies to left hand drive vehicles where it is 25 years or more since 1 January in the year of vehicle manufacture.

This exemption may allow you to:

  • drive your car home after the initial purchase
  • drive your car to a business for a quote or conversion to a right hand drive
  • drive your car to present for a Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) vehicle inspection
  • drive your car to a place for mechanical repair.

To apply you will need to make sure that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition and provide:

  • driver's licence details
  • VIN or chassis number of vehicle
  • vehicle make, model, body type, and year of manufacture
  • the date and time of your driving journey
  • the name of the business converting your vehicle to right hand and drive or mechanical repairs
  • the location you will be starting from, the location you will be driving to, and the specific route to be taken.

What happens next

All permits must be approved by Vehicle Standards.

Allow at least 3 business days from receipt of the application to process the exemption.

If you apply using your mySAGOV account, you can check the status of your application.


Email - vehiclestandards@sa.gov.au
Phone - 1300 882 248

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