Report a road crash

If you see a crash happen or are the first to arrive at the scene of a crash, your actions are vital. You might be able the save a life or prevent other vehicles from crashing as well. You may be able to call for help and you may be able to provide valuable help as a witness.

What to do after a crash

If you are involved in a crash you must follow these steps.

1. Stop at the scene of the crash

Failing to stop at a crash you are involved in is an offence. Use your hazard warning lights to alert other road users to possible danger.

2. Assist anyone who is injured

Where there is danger, such as fire, or where people are injured, phone 000.

If non-emergency police assistance is required—eg the road is blocked or there is a traffic hazard—phone 131 444.

3. Move vehicles to the roadside or away from traffic if possible

If the police are not attending the scene and your vehicle needs to be moved - phone a tow truck on 8231 5555.

4. Exchange information

Exchange information with any other driver (or driver's representatives) or other persons involved in the crash, including the owner of any property damaged at the scene.

The information exchanged should include:

  • the driver's name and address
  • the name and address of the vehicles' owners
  • the vehicles' registration numbers
  • any other information necessary to identify the vehicles
  • any other information about the crash required by a police officer.

5. Report the crash to police

If a person is injured or killed in a crash and you're the driver of a vehicle involved, you must report to a police officer either at the scene or at a police station, within 90 minutes after the crash for the purpose of alcohol and drug testing.

How to report a collision

If you want a police investigation of the collision because of apparent breaches of road rules you must be willing to assist in the investigation. This includes providing a statement and attending court.


Collisions may be reported online if:

  • the collision occurred in South Australia
  • no one was injured or killed
  • everyone involved exchanged particulars
  • it was not a hit run
  • no police vehicles were involved
  • no vehicles were towed
  • a fair estimate of the total damage is less than $3,000
  • police did not attend
  • you do not want police to investigate the collision.

Report a collision

In person

If no one was injured or killed in the crash and police did not attend the scene, you must report the incident to a police officer as soon as possible, within 24 hours of the crash. This applies where the only property damaged is that belonging to the driver or where the damage exceeds $3,000.

When reporting the incident you must provide:

  • your personal details - remember to take your driver's licence with you
  • your car registration
  • the exact crash location
  • date and time of crash
  • personal details of the other parties involved
  • the registration numbers of all cars involved.

You will be given a vehicle collision report (VCR) number for future reference.

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