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The mySAGOV mobile app lets you access a range of SA government services.

You’ll need a mySAGOV account to log in to the app.

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COVID-19 features in the app are no longer supported - more information.

Privacy and security

mySAGOV app security features

  • Encrypted storage – the app has been designed to ensure that all communication channels are secure, all storage is encrypted, and no data is stored in a central location.
  • Safe connections – data can only be accessed through private and secure web-based communication channels.
  • Screenshot protection – a ‘shake-to-animate’ feature has been added to the app, which will animate the screen and display the current time and date when your phone is shaken to show that it is not a screenshot.
  • One-time barcode – each time the app is accessed, and for every 30 seconds it is in use, a one-time barcode will be generated for validation purposes, to prevent fake digital passes and licences from being used.
  • PIN and fingerprint protection – the app can be accessed using a local PIN or fingerprint identification.
  • Identity verification – you will need to verify your identity against the government system that currently holds your licence and registration information. This happens automatically when you sign up to a mySAGOV account.

Privacy statement – mySAGOV app

Terms and conditions - mySAGOV app

Verifying a digital pass or licence

Digital passes and licences are a valid form of identification when displayed in the mySAGOV app.

The mySAGOV app features two methods to verify a digital pass or licence.

Shake to animate

If a person presents a digital pass or licence as a form of ID, you can ask them to shake their device.

With the digital pass or licence showing, when the device is shaken, an overlay showing the current date and time will 'slide' over the photograph of the user.

Barcode validation

Every time a digital pass or licence is displayed within the app, a unique, temporary barcode is generated.

If you have the mySAGOV app installed on your device, you can scan the barcode of another person's digital pass or licence.

To scan someone’s digital pass or licence using the mySAGOV app

  • tap on ‘Validate’ on the Credentials screen. (You may need to grant access for the app to use your device’s camera)
  • align the barcode within the frame on your device’s screen
  • if the barcode is valid, your app will display the name, age and photo of the digital pass or licence holder for 30 seconds. (No details are saved to your device)
  • the app will not validate a barcode that has already been scanned, or is more than a minute old.

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Send us your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Be sure to include your full name, licence number and the phone number you’d like us to contact you on.

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Phone Service SA on 1300 450 422 (Monday to Friday) during business hours.

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