Restricted miscellaneous vehicle registration

A restricted miscellaneous vehicle may only be driven for a limited number of short journeys and be operated exclusively on public access areas such as showgrounds, racecourses, industrial sites and forest areas. Restricted miscellaneous vehicle conditional registration may be issued to a vehicle that is constructed for use in a restricted area.

Eligible vehicles

A vehicle restricted to a specified area by conditions or by conditions in accordance with a notice issued by the registrar, such as:

  • golf buggies
  • four-wheel motor bikes
  • personnel carriers
  • land yachts.

Restricted miscellaneous vehicle conditional registration is applicable to all vehicle types (vehicle, cycle and trailer).

How to register the vehicle

1. Application form

Complete a MR1A application for conditional registration and third party insurance form (132.1 KB PDF).

2. Description of use

Include an explanation of the use of the vehicle and details of where the vehicle will be used.

3. Provide a map

Include a map or sketch showing:

  • section numbers
  • hundreds and roads
  • the route to be indicated by a dotted line
  • the distances to be travelled clearly shown.

4. Lodgement

Hand in the completed application at a Service SA customer service centre.

A restricted miscellaneous vehicle may be registered for any three-month period up to 36 months (for example 2 years and 3 months). Restricted miscellaneous vehicles may also be registered with a common expiry date.

Registration renewals can be paid by direct debit.

If you need to register a vehicle for only part of the year, you may apply for seasonal registration and pay for a single period of 3, 6 or 9 months.

Conditional registration assessment

When applying for conditional registration of a restricted miscellaneous vehicle, an assessment may be processed based on the details of the vehicle to determine which (if any) operating conditions will be applied to the vehicle.

Conditions for restricted miscellaneous vehicles may include:

  • daylight travel only
  • restrictions on speed
  • restrictions on distance that may be travelled
  • carrying of warning signs.

The conditions will be applied to the vehicle in the form of a gazette notice, code of practice or exemption. Refer to Gazettes, codes of practice and operating conditions for further details.

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