Fuel pricing information for industry

Fuel retailers in South Australia must report their fuel prices to a central database known as the aggregation system.

Data publishers can then publish fuel price information through their apps and websites, so that motorists can check and compare fuel prices in their local area.

Fuel retailers must report the following information using the aggregation system:

  • a change to their fuel prices within 30 minutes from the price changing at the bowser
  • if a fuel type is unavailable - either temporarily or permanently - within 30 minutes.

Fuel retailers

You must be registered for the fuel pricing information scheme. You can register your details with Consumer and Business Services through the aggregation system.

The aggregator will provide detailed guidance about using the aggregation system once you have registered for the scheme.

Reporting fuel data

You must report your fuel prices and any fuel unavailability using the aggregation system.

There are four ways you can report:

  • enter the details for each fuel type directly into the aggregation system
  • upload the data using an application programming interface (API) or flat file
  • arrange for a third party agent to upload bulk data on your behalf, if you own multiple petrol stations
  • phone the aggregator on 8356 1020 if an internet connection isn't available.

For more information, visit the aggregation system website.

Data publishers

Data publishers can sign up to use SA government data on fuel prices.

Visit the aggregation system website to:

  • read the data publisher terms and conditions
  • sign up as an authorised data publisher
  • access fuel pricing data.

Contact CBS fuel pricing scheme

Email: fuelpricingscheme@sa.gov.au

GPO Box 1719
Adelaide SA 5001

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