Application forms and fact sheets

Online applications

Application for the exemption from the fitting of a compliance plate - to apply for an exemption:

  • from fitting a compliance plate on an imported vehicle
  • if your vehicle is missing a vehicle identification plate.

Application for left-hand-drive vehicle single-trip exemption - apply to drive a left-hand-drive vehicle, single trip use

Application to modify a light motor vehicle -  apply to modify a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) up to and including 4,500 kg.

Apply for a special purpose vehicle inspection

Apply for a secure vehicle identification marking exemption

Appy for a left-hand drive vehicle single-trip exemption

Apply for an exemption from the fitting of a compliance plate

Apply to build a dedicated rally car

Apply to build a street rod

Apply to build an individually constructed vehicle

Download applications

MR853 Vehicle emission test report (489.2 KB PDF) - test report for vehicle emissions

MR1631 Vehicle exemption application The Bend Motorsport Park (1.6 MB PDF)

Fact sheets

MR25 Light vehicle towing trailer regulations (GVM 4.5 tonnes or less) (350.8 KB PDF)

MR132 Brake system test procedure (64.4 KB PDF)

MR143 Vehicle 4.5 tonnes or less carrying loads (312.2 KB PDF)

MR294 Motorised wheelchairs safety and the law (206.7 KB PDF)

MR426 Light vehicle engineering signatories (507.1 KB PDF)

MR430 Window tinting for your motor vehicle (72.4 KB PDF)

MR628 Requirements for imported passenger vehicles manufactured prior to January 1989 (322.2 KB PDF)

MR629 Left hand drive vehicles (348.5 KB PDF)

MR648 Conversion to electric drive (254.4 KB PDF)

MR800 Hazardous projections (1.3 MB PDF)

MR804 Bonnet Scoops (268.4 KB PDF)

MR805 A-frame towing (206.5 KB PDF)

MR806 Light motorhome conversion (749.9 KB PDF)

MR807 Lane change test procedures (376.4 KB PDF)

MR808 Motorcycles and sidecars (496.8 KB PDF)

MR810 Torsional stability requirements (861.1 KB PDF)

MR818 Heavy vehicle recognised engineering signatories (494.1 KB PDF)

MR850 Individually constructed vehicles (2.0 MB PDF)

MR857 Defective vehicles (280.9 KB PDF)

MR864 Internal padding material for occupant protection (473.8 KB PDF)

MR1292 Child restraint anchorages in personally imported cabriolets with active rollover protection system (709.5 KB PDF)

MR1324 Imported people mover based camper van (88.0 KB PDF)

MR1457 Modifications to passenger cars, utilities, panel vans and 4WD passenger vehicles (685.6 KB PDF)

MR1505 Bullbars front protection system  (276.3 KB PDF)

MR1517 LED light bars and additional driving lights (272.4 KB PDF)

MR1540 Motorcycle mudguards and tail tidies (254.3 KB PDF)

MR1545 Seatbelt safety (351.3 KB PDF)

MR1565 Side-car mounted to the right hand side of a motorcycle (556.6 KB PDF)

MR1637 Labelling requirements for hydrogen and electric powered vehicles (296.5 KB PDF)

MR1644 Horse drawn carriages (103.5 KB PDF)

MR1653 Warning lights and signs for buses carrying children
(651.8 KB PDF)

MR1665 Glass and panel carrying vehicles (808.0 KB PDF)

MR1673 Seating Modification of light vehicles
(265.1 KB PDF)

MR1677 Light Vehicle Frontal Protection Systems - Safety Considerations
(290.6 KB PDF)

Passenger car track list for 1970 and later vehicles (4.0 MB PDF)

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