Key responsibilities of gaming licensees

South Australia has made significant legislative and regulatory changes as part of the SA gambling reform. Visit the CBS website for more about what's changed.

Gaming licensees, managers and employees must stay well informed and keep themselves up to date with gaming regulations in South Australia.

Self-assessment checklists

These checklists have been developed to help gaming licensees, managers and employees assess their level of compliance with:

  • legislation
  • regulations
  • licence conditions
  • codes of practice for gaming and wagering.

Self-assessment checklist - for operators of gaming machines in hotels and clubs (PDF 1.2MB)

Self-assessment checklist - for operators of TAB agencies in hotels and clubs (PDF 327KB)

Gaming licence conditions

There are two sets of conditions that gaming operators must comply with:

Attachment A conditions (PDF 44KB)

Attachment B conditions (PDF 42KB)

Advertising, mandatory messages and signage

There are very specific rules around gambling advertising.

Gambling providers must also display in-venue responsible gambling signs, that have been developed and approved by the Government of South Australia.

Advertising, mandatory messages and signage

Refusal to pay winnings

As a gambling provider, you can refuse to pay winnings to a person if you're satisfied that:

  • the person is subject to a barring order
  • a gaming machine, or a game being played on a machine, is not operating property
  • the person playing a gaming machine is a minor.

Refusal to pay winnings

Gaming managers and employees

Certain duties can only be performed by a gaming manager or gaming employee. There must also be a gaming manager on duty at all times to supervise and manage gaming operations.

Gaming managers and employees

Gaming tax

Gaming tax is payable each month and is calculated by Consumer and Business Services (CBS).

Pay gaming tax


Gambling licensees must not offer inducements to encourage people to gamble.

Gaming licensees can offer or provide:

Product offers

Gaming licensees must not encourage people to gamble by offering free or discounted meals or vouchers that require them to engage in a gambling activity.

Special prices

Gambling providers must not encourage people to gamble by offering a deal on the price, such as a free bet on the condition that it is matched with the person's own money, or offering the tenth bet free.

If a legal bet type has core parts that include an offer, it is not considered an inducement. Offering to pay the best totalisator price is a specific form of approved fixed odds betting.

Trade promotion lotteries

A lottery is an acceptable trade promotion lottery if its purpose is to reward or retain existing customers.

A trade promotion lottery must not be used to encourage people to gamble or gamble more than they would otherwise.

More information about acceptable trade promotion lotteries is available in the code of practice for the relevant gambling industry.

Apply for approval to conduct an acceptable trade promotion lottery

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