Gambling codes of practice

The Liquor and Gambling Commissioner regulates the advertising of gambling products and responsible gambling practices.

Gaming machine codes

The purpose of the gaming machine codes of practice is to:

  • reduce harm associated with the misuse and abuse of gambling
  • foster responsible conduct in relation to gambling
  • facilitate the balanced development of an economically viable and socially responsible gambling industry
  • ensure that gambling is conducted honestly and free from interference, criminal influence and exploitation
  • ensure that the conduct of gambling is consistent with the expectations of the public.

Current gaming machine gambling codes of practice

Authorised Betting Operators and Casino

Gambling codes of practice

The Codes of Practice for the Adelaide Casino and Authorised Betting Operators are currently under review by the Commissioner.

A new code will be issued in the coming months.

Advertising code

The advertising code of practice gives licensees a framework to ensure:

  • their advertising is consistent with community expectations
  • gambling will be conducted in a responsible manner that:
    • minimises the harm caused by gambling
    • is socially responsible.

In particular the code governs the:

  • content of gambling advertising
  • use of mandatory warning messages including:
    • radio
    • television
    • print media
    • outdoor advertising.

Mandatory warning messages for gambling (PDF 268KB)

The codes cover:

  • advertising
  • responsible gambling practices
  • venue operations
  • voluntary and involuntary barring
  • employee training.

Responsible gambling code

The responsible gambling code of practice gives licensees a framework to ensure that:

  • their general gambling practices are consistent with community expectations
  • gambling will be conducted in a responsible manner so as to minimise the harm caused by gambling.

In particular the code governs:

  • internal reporting processes for suspected problem gamblers
  • voluntary and involuntary barring from gaming areas
  • venue operations, including:
    • in-venue customer information and signage
    • young children in and around premises
    • cashing of cheques
    • coin availability
    • inducements and loyalty programs
    • staff training requirements.

Penalties apply if a gaming licence holder does not comply with a mandatory provision of any gambling code of practice.

All licensees should familiarise themselves with the contents of these codes and advise and instruct all relevant gaming staff.

Management plans and dispensations

Gambling providers can file a management plan with the Consumer and Business Services (CBS) as an alternative to the advertising and responsible gambling requirements of the codes of practice.

The management plan list is currently being updated and will be available soon.

Dispensations can be given if the alternative has equal value to what is outlined in the codes. The request for a dispensation needs to be due to unique circumstances, such as a national media campaign.

Current dispensation register for authorised betting operators (PDF 1.5MB)


Lodge management plans and dispensations with CBS.



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