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A gaming manager must be on duty at all times when gaming machines are authorised to operate.

A gaming employee is not allowed to supervise a gaming room.

New gaming managers and employees

The licensee must notify the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner of a new gaming manager or gaming employee, using the Barring Online Employee Notification system (BOEN), before they can start work.

If a gaming manager or employee is employed at more than one venue, the licensee of each venue is required to notify the commissioner separately.

The commissioner and SA Police use BOEN to ensure gaming managers and gaming employees are fit and proper to carry out their role.

The commissioner can also prohibit a person from carrying out the duties of a gaming manager or employee, either permanently or for a specified time.

If a licensee allows a person to work as a gaming manager or gaming employee without notifying the commissioner using BOEN, both the licensee and the person are guilty of an offence.


Consistent minimum training requirements apply across hotels, clubs and the Adelaide casino.

The training requirements apply to:

  • gaming employees
  • gaming managers
  • licensees, directors, shareholders and committee members who:
    • carry out the prescribed duties of a gaming manager or gaming employee and
    • have notified the commissioner as such using BOEN.

Training is not a prerequisite to licensees notifying the commissioner of a gaming manager or gaming employee. However, all gaming managers and gaming employees (or prospective managers and employees):

  • must complete the required training through a training provider which delivers approved training courses within three months of commencing employment
  • are required to maintain their level of knowledge through repeat training every two years.

The licensee must ensure all successful completion of training is recorded in BOEN within 28 days of receiving the training certificate.

The licensee is responsible for making sure relevant staff meet the training requirements. Payment of course fees is a matter between the licensee and the employee.

CBS inspectors regularly check the BOEN system to ensure training is up to date.

Penalties apply for both the licensee and the employee if training requirements aren’t met.

Training providers

Training courses need to be approved by the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner.

Approved basic and/or advanced training courses are provided by:

Australian Hotels Association SA Branch (AHA|SA)
Phone: (08) 8232 4525

Career Employment Group (CEG)
Phone: 1300 885 697

Club and Hospitality Training Services (Clubs SA partner)
Phone: (08) 8290 2200

Hospitality Industry Training Pty Ltd (HITsa)
Phone: (08) 8351 5855

Phone: (08) 8348 4444

The Jackpot Club
Phone: (08) 8357 7488


Only persons who are notified as a gaming manger or a gaming employee in BOEN are allowed to perform prescribed duties in relation to gaming machines. These duties are:

  • paying out winnings, including redeeming the credit value of a ticket
  • opening a secure area of a gaming machine
  • performing any tasks that require the opening of a secure area of a gaming machine
  • the power to remove a person from a gaming area if:
    • that person has damaged or abused a machine
    • has or is about to commit an offence, or
    • is behaving in an offensive, abusive or disorderly manner using only such force as is reasonably necessary for that purpose
  • if a gaming machine operates in connection with a cashless gaming system:
    • provide assistance to a person using the cashless gaming system
    • assist the user of the cashless gaming system to store and transfer value from a user’s account to a gaming machine
    • provide assistance to the person using the (associated) pre-commitment system.
  • providing assistance to a person using a gaming machine operated by the insertion of a ticket.

A cashier who only dispenses coins or notes is not required to be notified as a gaming manger or gaming employee.

Gaming managers also have the following additional responsibility to:

  • review the records of suspected problem gamblers at least weekly
  • document as part of the record that the review has been undertaken
  • record any steps taken to intervene in the suspected problem gamblers’ gambling behaviour.

Gaming managers and gaming employees are prohibited from operating gaming machines at any venue where they are employed except as necessary for carrying out their duties.

Dealing with problem gamblers

Gaming managers must document any issues with suspected problem gamblers and try to intervene where appropriate.

People can be barred from a gaming area if:

  • a gaming manager or employee believes they may hurt themselves or their family because of gambling
  • they ask to be barred.

Bar someone from a gaming area

Gaming managers vs responsible person

A responsible person is someone approved to manage the liquor operations of the licensed premises.

Unless that person has also been notified as a gaming manager or gaming employee through BOEN, they are not allowed to perform gaming duties or supervise the gaming operations of the business.

Finishing employment

A licensee must notify CBS within 14 days using the BOEN system if a person stops work as a gaming manager or gaming employee.

The person is not allowed to play gaming machines at that venue for 28 days after finishing work.

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