Barrings (BOEN)

If you want to be barred, or are already barred from a gaming venue and need further information go to Help with problem gambling.

Gambling providers can bar a person from specific areas of their venue and from gambling activities. A barring order by a venue lasts for three months.


  • must bar someone if they ask to be barred from your venue (voluntary barring)
  • may bar someone if you feel they could suffer harm or cause harm to their family because of problem gambling
  • may bar a person if someone else, such as a friend or family member, who is concerned about the person’s gambling behaviour requests it.

All barrings must be recorded on BOEN.

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Voluntary barring

A patron can choose to be barred from your venue for three months or for a longer period of time and at multiple venues.

If a person requests to be barred you must:

  • fill out the barring form while they are with you (in person or on the phone)
  • provide a translator if necessary
  • refer the person to a counselling service
  • remove that person from any loyalty mailing lists.

If you refuse a request from a person to be barred from your venue, you must notify CBS within seven days using BOEN.

Three months barring

You must complete the barring form which can be found at:

Using BOEN, you must notify Consumer and Business Services (CBS) within seven days when you have barred someone from your venue. CBS will then contact the barred person and invite them to come and discuss their barring. CBS will review the barring order and can bar the person for up to three years.

Multiple venues and longer barring periods

Changes to barring processes in SA mean that patrons who attend your venue and request to be barred can now also choose to:

  • voluntarily bar themselves from other venues
  • request barring for longer than three months.

You must complete the three month barring form and an addendum. These are both available from Gaming Care or Club Safe, You must also notify CBS through the BOEN system as soon as possible.

You can assist a patron by:

  • informing the patron of their available options as listed on the Barring Order Addendum
  • taking a passport-style photograph of the patron, as well as a copy of their identification (eg drivers licence) and preferably upload them to BOEN, or text copies to Consumer and Business Services (CBS) on 0427 051 300.
  • ensuring all documents are completed and signed by the patron
  • encouraging patrons to nominate an email address
  • uploading the 3-Month Barring Order, Addendum and any other supporting documents to BOEN.

You must advise the patron that:

  • until the Commissioner reviews the barring request, they will not be barred from additional venues or for a longer period
  • they will receive confirmation of their barring order from CBS.

Involuntary barring

Involuntary barring occurs when you bar someone from your venue because:

  • someone else has requested they be barred
  • you believe their gambling is causing harm to themselves or their family

You must complete the barring form available from Gaming Care or Club Safe and notify CBS within seven days using BOEN.

If you refuse a request from someone who wants to bar a person you must notify CBS within seven days using BOEN.

CBS will then contact you to arrange a conference call between you, the person who needs help and a CBS staff member. This is called a directions hearing.

Directions hearings

Directions hearings are used to gather information and:

  • validate the barring
  • determine if more activities need to be added
  • determine if more venues need to be added
  • how long the barring should be.

If everyone agrees, the order can be made through the voluntary barring process and a hearing isn't needed. If people don’t agree, CBS will call a hearing.


A hearing is an opportunity to discuss the proposed barring.

You need to attend if you are:

  • the person or licensee who initiated the barring
  • the barred person.

If the barred person doesn't agree to attend the hearing an order can be made without them being present.

The barred person can ask people to attend who can give personal support such as:

  • a trusted friend
  • a family member
  • an industry representative.

What you'll need

Everyone will need to bring:

  • photo identification - eg drivers licence
  • any information that supports your case
  • support people.

What happens at the hearing

Hearings are usually informal, but people who are giving evidence must take an oath or affirmation. Witnesses don't need to stay after they've given evidence.

Both the person who initiated the barring and the barred person will have the opportunity to:

  • call witnesses
  • make submissions
  • give evidence.

Hearings are recorded.


The hearing can be cancelled and a new date set if:

  • the person who initiated the barring or the barred person do not turn up for the hearing
  • more information is required from either person
  • a summons has not been served to the barred person.

The hearing must be cancelled if the barred person has a complaint against them under the Domestic Violence Act 1994. The hearing can’t begin until the domestic violence complaint ends.

Outcome of the hearing

The outcome of the hearing and the reasons for the decision will be provided to everyone in writing. However, if the order is urgent CBS will attempt to make it available straight after the hearing.

Entering a venue when barred

Any person who breaks a barring order is guilty of an offence and can be fined up to $2,500. Any such instances must be recorded on BOEN within seven days.

Any licence holder, gaming manager or gaming employee who allows a barred person to enter the gaming area or purchase a gambling product - eg betting tickets or placing bets - is also guilty of an offence and can be fined up to $10,000.

You or one of your employees must ask the barred person to leave the area. If necessary you may use reasonable force to remove the person from the premises.

Using the BOEN system

How to notify of a venue barring using BOEN - user instructions (PDF 1.3MB)

Forgot your password?

You can reset your BOEN password online and you will receive an email confirming the new password.

Venue administrators

You must register a venue administrator to manage your venue's BOEN account. We recommend you have at least two authorised administrators to cover you in case someone is sick or on leave.

Create a venue administrator - form 1G

You will need to scan and load the signed form into BOEN.

Employee notification

Only venue administrators can notify of a new employee. Legally, you must have written permission to search for an employee in BOEN.

New employee declaration and consent - form 21 (PDF  201KB)

Notifying of a new employee using BOEN - user instructions (PDF  884KB)

Print forms

Use the forms below if you are unable to access BOEN online.

Universal barring form - UBA (PDF 180KB)

Change employee details form (PDF 190KB)

Post the completed forms to:

Consumer and Business Services
PO Box 2169
Adelaide SA 5001

Contact CBS


Phone: 8226 7233

In person:
91 Grenfell Street

GPO Box 2169
Adelaide SA 5001

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