Information and services for South Australians

Arts, sport and leisure icon Arts, sport and leisure

Places to visit, festivals, exhibitions, recreation and sport.

Boating and marine

Boat and marine safety, fees, licences and permits, marine publications, commercial marine

Business, Industry and trade icon Business, industry and trade

Running a business, licences, regulation and doing business with government.

Citizens and your rights icon Citizens and your rights

Rights and responsibilities, family matters, wills, personal information.

Community support icon Community support

Disability support, volunteering, carers, foster care, community organisations, in-home care.

Crime, justice and the law icon Crime, justice and the law

Courts, prison, the legal system, crime, road rules.

Education, skills and learning icon Education, skills and learning

All levels from pre-school and schools to vocational, tertiary and community education.

Emergency, safety and infrastructure icon Emergencies and safety

Preparing for emergencies, recovery information, safety, emergency alerts.

Employment and finance icon Employment, money and taxes

Employers and employees, concessions, taxes, money management.

Health and wellbeing icon Health and wellbeing

Health emergencies, healthy living, addictions, mental health.

Housing, property and land icon Housing

Homelessness, public and community housing and renting.

Housing, property and land icon Property and land

Buying and selling property, land titles, building and development, planning, property and place information

Seniors icon Seniors

Senior's card, housing and help at home, concessions, health.

Transport, travel and motoring icon Transport, travel and motoring

Driving and licences, vehicle registration, public transport, cycling, road safety, transport industry.

Water, energy and environment icon Water, energy and environment

Energy efficiency, technical regulation, climate change, recycling, water use.