Property manager registration

Property managers work for land agents and manage residential or commercial properties. If you run a property management business, you must be a registered land agent.

Requirement to be registered

From 28 September 2019 you can't be employed as a property manager if you don't hold a property manager registration, a sales representative registration with a property manager condition, or a land agent's registration.

Who should register

Anyone employed by a land agent who manages residential or commercial properties must be registered.

Existing sales reps who manage properties need to apply to have the property manager condition added to their existing registration.

You need to be fully registered to:

  • sign agency agreements
  • perform appraisals
  • conduct inspections
  • negotiate leases.

You can apply for registration if you:

  • have completed the relevant qualifications
  • have enrolled in a relevant qualification but have not yet completed it ('under supervision' or trainee registration)
  • have a police clearance no more than 12 months old
  • are 18 years of age or over.

Who doesn't need to register

You don't need to be registered as a property manager if you:

  • hold a current land agent’s registration
  • work for an agent and only do administrative tasks such as:
    • taking calls
    • arranging maintenance appointments
    • receiving or depositing trust money
    • assisting with the preparation of forms and agreements for approval by the agent or property manager
  • only provide financial services for an agent, such as a trust account administrator
  • only manage properties for yourself or relatives and are not carrying on a business
  • work for a registered community housing provider
  • only conduct commercial property inspections.

Before you begin


Check you have the right qualifications to register.

Property manager qualifications (PDF 273KB)

If you haven't completed the relevant qualifications you can apply for a property manager registration with a condition ‘under supervision’.

You will need to:

  • provide proof of enrolment in one of the qualifications with your application
  • complete the required training within 12 months
  • lodge an application to ‘vary an existing licence’ and pay the relevant fee to have the condition removed from your registration.

If you're an interstate applicant, and not applying through mutual recognition, you'll need to provide evidence that you intend to work as a property manager in South Australia.

'Under supervision' (trainee) registration

If you have a property manager registration ‘under supervision’ you must work under the direct supervision of:

  • a registered agent
  • a registered property manager who has been a property manager for at least 2 years
  • a registered sales representative who has been registered for at least 2 years and has the additional condition of ‘registered property manager’.

You must be accompanied by one of these registered individuals at all times when performing the functions of a property manager, including:

  • conducting inspections
  • making statements or claims about a property or agreement to prospective or existing tenants or landlords
  • negotiating or granting leases, tenancy agreements or licence arrangements
  • ensuring terms and conditions of a lease or agreement are being met.

Direct supervision can't be provided electronically.

You don't need to be directly supervised if you are performing administrative tasks that do not require a property manager registration such as:

  • taking calls
  • arranging maintenance appointments
  • handling trust money
  • assisting with the preparation of forms and agreements for approval by the agent or property.

Offences and convictions

You may not be able to register if you (or a director of the company) has been convicted of an 'indictable offence' of dishonesty, or convicted of a 'summary offence' of dishonesty within the past 10 years.

Police clearance

Include with your application a copy of your National Police Certificate (NPC) no more than 12 months old.

Apply for an NPC through:

You do not need an NPC if you:

  • are director of a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • have lodged an NPC with CBS within the last year
  • are an overseas resident and have never lived in Australia
  • have held a licence within the last year and are applying for an equivalent licence
  • have already supplied an NPC for a different licence issued under the Land Agents Act 1994.

How to register

You will need to:

  • upload a scanned copy of the required documents such as qualifications - a photo of the documents taken with your smartphone or tablet is acceptable
  • use a valid credit card or debit card to make payment - only MasterCard or Visa are accepted.

Apply now


All registrations granted prior to 28 September 2019 will be due for renewal on 28 September 2020.


Property manager registration typeFee
New application $331.00
Pre-grant fee (paid with new application) $218.00
Total fee payable for new application (includes 1 year registration*) $549.00
Total fee payable for new application (includes 1 year registration*) 
(Interstate or NZ licence recognised in SA)
Application to vary a registration - ie remove 'under supervision' or trainee condition $140.00

*To account for the delay between when you can apply and the need to be registered, new applications granted before September 2019 will get more than 1 year initially.

Digital licences

All real estate registrations are now digital and a physical card is not required. You can download your licence or registration to an Apple or Android smart phone or tablet using the mySA GOV app. For more information visit

If there are situations where digital display is not possible - eg no internet coverage or a faulty phone - CBS officers checking for compliance will use alternative methods to check you are appropriately registered.

How to access your digital registration - Consumer and Business Services

Changes that affect registration

Notify CBS within 14 days if you have committed an offence or have had legal restrictions placed on your work or business, such as bankruptcy, financial receivership, suspended or disqualified work licence.

You will also need to advise CBS when you:

Contact CBS

Online: Contact CBS

Phone: 131 882

GPO Box 1719
Adelaide SA 5001

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