Conveyancer registration

Individuals and companies running a business that prepares legal documents when property is transferred to a new owner must be registered as conveyancers with Consumer and Business Services (CBS).

Who needs to register

Sole traders, partners in a business and companies can apply unless they have legal restrictions on their work or business. This can include things such as bankruptcy, financial receivership or a suspended licence.

Legal practitioners do not need to register.

You or your company can't be registered if you were a director of a company that was wound up to pay creditors in the last five years - including if you were a director six months before winding up started.

Companies with more than one director must have a majority of directors who are registered conveyancers - at least two. If there are only two directors in the company, one must be a conveyancer. The other director shouldn't be directly involved in real estate sales processes:

  • a real estate agent
  • a financier
  • a close associate of either of the above (unless they are also a conveyancer or close relative).

Check Section 7 of the Conveyancers Act 1994 for detail about what the company's constitution needs to show regarding directors, their finances and voting rights.

Before you begin


Check you have the right qualifications to register.

Conveyancer qualifications

If you're an interstate applicant, and not applying through mutual recognition, you'll also need to provide evidence that you intend to work as a conveyancer in South Australia.

Offences and convictions

You may not be able to register if you (or a director of the company) has been convicted of an 'indictable offence' of dishonesty, or convicted of a 'summary offence' of dishonesty within the past 10 years.

Police clearance

Include with your application a copy of your National Police Certificate (NPC) no more than 12 months old.

Apply for an NPC through:

You don't need an NPC if you:

  • are director of a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • have lodged an NPC with CBS within the last year
  • are an overseas resident and have never lived in Australia
  • have held a licence within the last year and are applying for an equivalent licence
  • have already supplied an NPC for a different licence issued under the Conveyancers Act 1994.

How to register


1. Complete the registration form

Register now

If you can't complete the form online phone 131 882 to discuss your options with CBS staff.

2. Scan and upload

Scan and upload the signed form along with your supporting evidence.

3. Payment

Pay by credit card using the CBS secure service on the registration form.

Other ways to lodge the form


Post your application, supporting evidence and payment to:

Consumer and Business Services
GPO Box 1719
Adelaide 5001


Email your application, supporting evidence and payment to:



Body corporate (company)




Interstate or NZ licence recognised in SA


What happens next

CBS will email your licence number. You can print a certificate by searching using your licence number, select 'licence certifcate' at the bottom, enter your client number and 'generate PDF'.

Your registration must be renewed every year. If it expires, you'll need to re-apply.

Estimated application processing times

Changes affecting your licence

Notify CBS within 14 days if you have committed an offence or have had legal restrictions placed on your work or business. Restrictions can include things such as bankruptcy, financial receivership, and suspended work licence.

You will also need to advise CBS when you:



Make sure you have your licence number ready to renew online. You can pay by credit card using our secure service.

Renew now


Make sure you have your licence ready when you call. You can pay by credit card.

Phone 1300 668 531


Make cheque or money orders payable to the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs and attach to the front page of your renewal.

Consumer and Business Services
GPO Box 1719
Adelaide 5001


Email your renewal to:



Body corporate (company)




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