Auctioneer registration

Auctioneers are licensed professionals who conduct auctions for the sale of a property. To become an auctioneer you must be registered as a land agent or sales representative and apply to have the auctioneer condition added to your registration.

Note - if your land agent or sales representative registration has been cancelled a new application will be required.

Before you begin

Qualifications and training

Auctioneers need to be qualified as either a land agent or a sales representative.

Land agent qualifications (PDF 52.4KB)

Sale representative qualifications (PDF 57.75KB)

They also need a statement of attainment for units provided in one of these training packages:

  • CPP07 - Property Services Training Package:
    • CPPDSM4004A - Conduct auction
    • CPPDSM4019A - Prepare for auction and complete sale
  • PRD01 - Property Development and Management Training Package:
    • PRDRE26A - Conduct property sale by auction

How to apply

Using the online application form add the 'auctioneer' option when:

Digital licences

All real estate registrations are now digital and a physical card is not required. You can download your licence or registration to an Apple or Android smart phone or tablet using the mySA GOV app. For more information visit

If there are situations where digital display is not possible - eg no internet coverage or a faulty phone - CBS officers checking for compliance will use alternative methods to check you are appropriately registered.

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