Racing clubs and services

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) is responsible for:

  • granting licences for bookmakers and agents
  • keeping a register close associates to licensed racing clubs
  • approving the rules for on and off-course wagering by SATAB and racing clubs
  • helping to resolve disputes
  • collecting tax from SATAB and unclaimed money from racing clubs and bookmakers.
  • Racing and gaming authorities and industry bodies

    To regulate the industry, CBS works closely with:

    and has regular contact with industry bodies such as:

    • South Australian Jockey Club
    • Racing SA
    • SA Harness Racing Club
    • Harness Racing SA
    • Greyhound Racing SA
    • SA Bookmakers League.

    CBS is responsible for making sure the betting operations of UBET SA, racing clubs, bookmakers and agents are licensed through regular inspections and audits.

    Close associates

    You must apply to be a close associate of a racing club or industry body if you:

    • currently have or will have in the future a financial interest in the club or industry body
    • have significant influence over the conduct or business of the club or industry body
    • hold a relevant position in the business of the club or industry body:
      • director
      • executive
      • manager.

    Once you are approved by CBS you will be given an order of approval.

    Apply for approval as a close associate

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