Key responsibilities for authorised betting operators

Authorised betting operators and their agents must stay well informed and keep themselves up to date with gaming regulations in South Australia.

Compliance checklists - SA TAB agencies in hotels and clubs

Checklists for SA TAB agencies in hotels and clubs and licensed bookmakers, racing clubs and the SA TAB are currently being developed.

Retail agents should contact the relevant authorised betting provider if they have any queries about compliance with a code of practice.

Advertising, mandatory messages and signage

There are specific rules around gambling advertising, including mandatory messages that must accompany gambling activities.

Advertising, messages and signage

Inducements and complimentary gambling products

Authorised betting operators must not offer or advertise certain rewards or benefits what may encourage someone to gamble - or to gamble more than they usually would.

Authorised betting operators can offer or provide:

  • participation in an acceptable trade promotion lottery
  • membership in an acceptable loyalty program
  • certain complimentary gambling products
  • free non-alcoholic drinks and refreshments.

Read the Inducements and complimentary gambling product guidelines for more information.

Product offers

Gaming providers must not encourage people to gamble by offering free or discounted meals or vouchers that require them to engage in a gambling activity.

Special prices

Gambling providers must not encourage people to gamble by offering a deal on the price, such as a free bet on the condition that it is matched with the person's own money, or offering the tenth bet free.

If a legal bet type has core parts that include an offer, it is not considered an inducement. Offering to pay the best totalisator price is a specific form of approved fixed odds betting.

Trade promotion lotteries

A lottery is an acceptable trade promotion lottery if its purpose is to reward or retain existing customers.

A trade promotion lottery must not be used to encourage people to gamble or gamble more than they would otherwise.

More information about is available in the Authorised betting operations gambling code of practice.

Apply for approval to conduct an acceptable trade promotion lottery

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