Bookmaker and agent licences

You must be licensed by Consumer and Business Services (CBS) to work as:

  • a bookmaker
  • an agent (working for or on behalf of a bookmaker).

Bookmakers' agents need to be licensed if they're not under direction or supervision of a bookmaker, for example if they attend a race meeting on behalf of a bookmaker, or are located in a different area of the race course to the bookmaker.

Bookmakers' agents don't need be licensed if they're working under the direction and supervision of a licensed bookmaker at all times.

You must be suitable to hold a licence and understand the bookmakers licensing rules.

When considering applications, the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner will take into account your:

  • financial resources
  • criminal history
  • business history.

What you'll need

Application fees

What you'll need

Before you can submit your bookmakers licence application you will need:

Before you can submit your agent's licence application you will need:

  • a current passport size photo
  • the application fee.


Licence typeFee
Bookmaker licence


Agent licence


Bookmaker renewal


Agent renewal


What happens next

If your licence is approved, you must lodge a bond with CBS.

Once the bond is received, your licence and photo ID badge will be posted to you.

ID badges

You must carry your ID badge whenever you're operating as a bookmaker or agent and produce it when requested by an authorised officer.

If your ID badge needs to be replaced, email CBS your details and an updated photo -


Licences are renewed every three years. You'll need to pay the correct fee.

Use the online renewal form.

Contact CBS Gaming


Phone: 131 882 and select option 6

GPO Box 2169
Adelaide SA 5001

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