Approved contingencies and wagering rules

A contingency is an approved betting event in South Australia.

Betting operators who are licensed or authorised to operate in SA can only accept bets on contingencies that have been approved by the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner.

It's illegal for a betting operator to take a bet from a person on anything other than an approved contingency.

The commissioner also approves the rules which govern the betting operations of racing clubs, TAB (formerly UBET SA) and licensed bookmakers in SA.

Approved contingencies

Guidelines for approval of betting contingencies (PDF 111KB)

Since the original notice was published in 2016, the following new contingencies have been approved.

Approved betting contingencies (fantasy sports) variation notice (PDF 108KB)

Approved betting contingencies (snooker) variation notice (PDF 108KB)

Approved betting contingencies (Gaelic football) variation notice (PDF 109KB)

Approved betting contingencies (handball) variation notice (PDF 106KB)

Approved betting contingencies (volleyball) variation notice (PDF 107KB)

Approved betting contingencies (grid iron non-US) variation notice 2018 (PDF 108KB)

Wagering rules

Bookmaker licensing rules 2000 (PDF 671KB)

SA betting operation rules and on-course betting operations rules (PDF 526KB)

QLD wagering rules 2010 (1.13MB) - applicable in SA

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Authorised Betting Operations Act 2000

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