Restrictive practices system

Use the restrictive practices system (RPS) to administer the Restrictive Practices Authorisation scheme. All authorising decisions made under the scheme are recorded on the RPS.

The RPS is operated by the Restrictive Practices Unit within the Department of Human Services.

Use the RPS to:

  • create an account and register your organisation - the person who does this becomes the account owner
  • nominate an authorised program officer (APO) - the person who will be authorising some restrictive practices
  • apply for regulated restrictive practices
  • record authorisation decisions
  • monitor authorised restrictive practices expiry dates
  • record a summary of behaviour support plans.

If the account owner and APO are the same person.

To use the RPS you'll need to meet certain requirements and supply supporting documents  - what you'll need.

What you'll need

Register your organisation

Nominate an authorised program officer from your organisation

What happens next

Register your organisation

The completed application will automatically be sent to the senior authorising officer in the Restrictive Practices Unit (RPU). You will be notified of an outcome within 5 business days.

Nominate an authorised program officer from your organisation

NDIS service providers can watch their ‘user list’ in the RPS for application outcomes. You will also receive an outcome email from the RPU.

Apply for and record restrictive practices

Once the organisation and APO have been approved use the RPS  to apply for and record restrictive practices.

NDIS services providers can apply for authorisation of restrictive practices.

APOs can:

  • record authorisation decisions for Level 1 restrictive practices
  • refer some Level 1 and all Level 2 authorisation decisions to the senior authorising officer
  • receive and record authorisation decisions.

User guides

Visit our Resources page for user guides and how-to videos.

Technical information

Data storage

The information on the RPS is stored and secured in the cloud by Amazon Web Services, in Australia.

No electronic records from RPS are stored by the Department of Human Services.

Using an authenticator

You will need to download an authenticator application (app) to a mobile device to use the RPS. You can get an authenticator app from the App Store or Google Play.

Choose one of the following authenticator apps:

  • Salesforce
  • Google
  • Microsoft.

Compatible devices

The RPS can be used on:

  • Mac OS desktop and laptop computers
  • Android-based desktop and laptop computers.

Terms and conditions

The user agreement, accessed through the RPS, outlines the terms and conditions of using the system.

Read the user agreement (126.0 KB PDF).

Contact the Restrictive Practices Unit



1800 862 004 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

If you find it hard to hear or talk on a phone the National Relay Service (NRS) can help you.

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