Feedback, complaints and appeals

Give feedback, make a complaint or lodge an appeal about the Restrictive Practices Authorisation scheme.

If you are a person with disability, you won't lose services or support by raising your concerns.


Contact the Restrictive Practices Unit (RPU) if you have anything you want to share.


Anyone can make a complaint if they're unhappy or concerned about services provided under the Restrictive Practices Unit like:

  • the treatment they or someone else received
  • poor customer service.

How to complain

About the Restrictive Practices Unit

  1. Contact the RPU.
  2. If you aren't satisfied with the response from the RPU, contact the Department of Human Services.

About the senior authorising officer

Complaints about the senior authorising officer must be directed to the Executive Director responsible for the Restrictive Practices Authorisation scheme in the Department of Human Services.


You can lodge an appeal when you’re unhappy with an official restrictive practice decision and you want it reviewed.

These decisions can be appealed:

  • who can be an authorised program officer (APO)
  • a restrictive practices authorisation
  • cancellation of a restrictive practice authorisation.

A person who wasn't involved in the original decision will do the review.

How to appeal

Appeal a decision made by an authorised program officer or NDIS service provider

Anyone can appeal decisions made by the APO or NDIS service provider.

  1. Lodge the appeal with the RPU.

You must appeal within 30 days after the initial decision was made. The senior authorising officer can extend this time for an appropriate reason.

Once the decision has been reviewed the senior authorising officer will inform you of the outcome.

Appeal a decision made by the senior authorising officer

The person the decision is about, and the people who support them can appeal decisions made by the senior authorising officer.

You can speak to the senior authorising officer and ask them to review their decision. If you are unhappy with the outcome, you can contact the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SCAT) who will review the decision.

You must appeal the decision to SACAT within 30 days after the initial decision was made. SACAT may extend for an appropriate reason.

Help with making a complaint or an appeal

If you're a person with disability and want help making a complaint or lodging an appeal you can ask your family, your friends, or a disability advocate to help.

A disability advocate will support or work on your behalf to make a complaint or appeal.  They will help you express your views and wishes.

Find a disability advocate by contacting one of these organisations or by using the Ask Izzy search tool:

How the Restrictive Practices Unit will respond

Read the SA Restrictive Practices Authorisation scheme procedures to find out how the Restrictive Practices Unit will respond to a complaint and appeal.

These procedures help people with disability, their families, and National Disability Insurance Scheme service providers to know what to expect when a complaint or appeal is made.

Contact the Restrictive Practices Unit



1800 862 004 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

If you find it hard to hear or talk on a phone the National Relay Service (NRS) can help you.

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