Pay annual liquor licence fees

Liquor licence holders, except short term licence holders, must pay an annual fee. Consumer and Business Services (CBS) will send an invoice each year which needs to be paid by 30 June.

The government will waive annual liquor licensing fees for 2020-21 for the following liquor licence categories:

  • On premises


  • Restaurant and Catering
  • Club
  • Liquor Production and Sales
  • Small Venue

More information is available on the CBS website.

If you don’t pay your annual fee by the due date your licence may be suspended and may then be revoked.

Use the fee calculator to calculate your annual licensing fees.

Fee management

Vary licence conditions

You may be able to reduce your annual fees by reducing the venue capacity or trading hours, or removing endorsements.

Vary licence conditions, hours or capacity

Use the fee calculator to see the impact on your annual fee.

Fee reduction due to hardship

You may apply to reduce your fee in certain circumstances if CBS is satisfied that:

  • the business has been adversely affected by a natural disaster (events that the licensee has no control over such as drought or fire)
  • the licensee has suffered a personal or financial hardship.

Personal hardship includes injury, illness or loss of close family members. Financial hardship only applies to issues of a temporary nature that are beyond the licensee’s control. A fee reduction due to hardship only applies to the current annual fee.

You can only apply for a fee reduction if your annual fee exceeds $1,000 and you must apply 21 days before your annual fees are due.

How to apply

Email your reasons for requesting a fee reduction, including any supporting evidence, to

Contact CBS Liquor and Gaming


Phone: 131 882

GPO Box 2169
Adelaide SA 5001

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