Positions of authority in trusts and corporate entities

All people in positions of authority must be approved by the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner. Any time you change a person who is in a position of authority within your corporate structure or trust, they must be approved.

A person is considered to be in a position of authority if the person:

  • is a director of the body corporate or organisation
  • exercises influence or control over the body corporate or licence
  • manages the business of the body corporate to be conducted under the licence
  • is a shareholder, if the licensee is a proprietary company
  • is a director or shareholder of subsidiary companies
  • is a CEO, general manager etc.

In a trust, a person is considered to be in a position of authority if they're a trustee or beneficiary of the trust.

A charitable organisation that is a beneficiary of a trust isn't regarded as occupying a position of authority.

It’s up to you to advise the licensing authority if an individual is in a position of authority. If it's discovered that an individual in this position hasn't been approved, this becomes a compliance issue.

When applying you'll need to meet certain requirements and provide a range of documents.

What you'll need

Application fees

What you'll need

Fit and proper person

To be approved to hold a position of authority you must be a fit and proper person.

A person isn't a fit and proper person to hold a licence, or be in a position of authority in a trust or corporate entity that holds a licence if they've been found guilty or convicted of an offence prescribed by regulations.

List of prescribed offences (PDF 180KB)


You'll need to upload a copy of the new corporate structure and, if applicable, a new trust deed (a clear photo is acceptable).

CBS doesn't need to be notified if an approved person in a position of authority changes position within the same corporate structure - for example, CEO to director, beneficiary to shareholder.

In the case of a company, you may also need to advise the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) of any changes.

What happens next

You can log in to LGO at any time to track the progress of your application.

You'll also receive periodic email notifications asking you to log in to receive important information such as the date that your application will be considered (determination date).

Your application will also be sent to South Australia Police Licensing Enforcement Branch. If your premises also holds a gaming machine licence, everyone seeking to be approved will be contacted by South Australia Police to have their fingerprints taken. Alternative arrangements can be made for people who live in remote or isolated areas, interstate or overseas.

If there are no concerns raised by police (interventions), and the commissioner has determined that the person is fit and proper, they will be approved.

The person applying for approval will be notified if:

  • the commissioner isn't satisfied the person applying to be approved is fit and proper
  • the police provide the licensing authority with information of concern
  • the police intervene on the application.


The police may intervene in an application if they have concerns about the fitness and propriety of any person applying to be approved in a position of authority.

Interventions must be lodged at least seven days before the determination date.

If the police intervene in your application you'll be advised and you may:

  • be asked to submit a response the commissioner
  • be invited to take part in a conciliation conference with the police and the commissioner or a delegate
  • be invited to attend a hearing before the Licensing Court.

A conciliation conference is usually held at Consumer and Business Services (CBS) in the Adelaide CBD.

The commissioner or delegate must consider all submissions, interventions and responses, and may make a decision on your application without asking you to respond, having a conciliation conference or holding a hearing.

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