General and late night code of practice

General code of practice

The general code of practice is there to:

  • encourage responsible attitudes towards liquor including:
    • promotion
    • sale
    • supply
    • consumption
    • use
  • minimise the harm associated with the consumption of liquor.

General code of practice (PDF 128KB) - Consumer and Business Services (CBS)


Risk assessment and management plan

All liquor licence holders must have a management plan in place. You may be asked to provide this to a CBS officer at any time.

CBS has developed a risk assessment and management plan template to help licensees have a written plan in place. It's not mandatory to use this template - industry bodies can develop their own templates for their members, or licensees can choose to develop their own management plans.

Licensee risk assessment and management plan template (PDF)

Late night trading code of practice

The late night trading code of practice applies to venues that trade past 2.00 am and prohibits the entry or re-entry of patrons onto licensed premises after 3.00 am.

The late night code covers:

  • drink marshals
  • restrictions of the supply of beverages that promote rapid or excessive consumption
  • restrictions on the use of glassware
  • use of CCTV
  • use of metal detectors.

Late night trading code of practice (PDF)

Digital closed circuit television (CCTV) technical specification (PDF 115KB)

Metal detector technical specifications (PDF 104KB)

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