Minors in licensed venues

It's against the law to sell or supply alcohol to a minor, or for a minor to buy or drink alcohol in a licensed venue. If someone complains that you have sold alcohol to a minor and you're convicted, the court will:

  • suspend your licence if it's a first offence
  • revoke your licence if it's not the first offence, or not the first time disciplinary action has been taken.

You can be fined and the court can limit:

  • the kinds of alcohol you can sell
  • the times alcohol can be sold
  • your responsibilities under the licence.

Minors in licensed venues

Minors are not permitted on packaged liquor sales licence premises unless the minor is accompanied by a responsible adult.

Minors are not permitted on any licensed premises, including restaurants, after midnight unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult. Between the hours of 2.00 am and 5.00 am, minors are not permitted on licensed premises at all.

Some licensed premises may also have conditions on their licence which restrict minors entering or remaining on the premises at different times. If you're unsure if a minor can attend a licensed premises you should call the venue ahead of time to check the conditions of their licence.

Minors working in licensed venues

Minors can't hold a licence, or be in a position of authority in a trust or company, but can hold shares in a private company or be a beneficiary of a trust that has a licence.

Minors can be employed to clear tables or do general cleaning but can't:

  • enter gaming areas
  • sell, supply or serve alcohol.

The only time a minor can sell, supply or serve alcohol is if the minor:

  1. is 16 years or older, and
  2. is the child of the licensee or the responsible person for the venue, and
  3. lives on the premises.

If the minor is 16 years or older and is the child of the licensee or responsible person, but does not live on the premises, you can request approval from Consumer and Business Services through Liquor and Gaming Online (LGO).

Contact CBS Liquor and Gaming

Email: liquorandgaming@sa.gov.au

Phone: 131 882

GPO Box 2169
Adelaide SA 5001

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