Boat Code identification system

Boat registration labels not required from 1 September 2023. Visit for more information.

Boat Code is a unique identification system for registered boats and other vessels.

Two identical Hull Identification Number (HIN) plates are affixed to the vessel's hull. One plate must be clearly visible on the starboard (right) side of the transom, with the second hidden elsewhere on the vessel.

When do you need Boat Code?

Boat Code is compulsory when:

  • registering a boat in South Australia for the first time
  • applying for change of ownership of a vessel that does not have a HIN, or has a HIN that is not yet recorded in South Australia.

If your vessel has a Boat Code from interstate but you cannot produce the Boat Code certificate, you will need to have the HIN validated by a Boat Code agent.

All registered owners of recreational vessels who wish to take advantage of the security benefits that Boat Code provides are encouraged to apply for voluntary Boat Code.

What are the benefits of Boat Code?

Boat Code provides security for owners by deterring theft. It can assist with tracking and recovering your boat if it is stolen.


A vessel registered in the same name on the Australian Shipping Register is exempt from complying with the Boat Code system.

The Australian Shipping Register is maintained by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority in Canberra.

If the vessel is to be exempt then proof of the Australian Shipping Registration is to be presented with the application for recreational registration.

Boat Code fees

Fees listed in the tables below are effective from 1 July 2023.

Boat code fees paid by the agent

Appointment as a Boat Code agent  $174
Renewal of the term of appointment as Boat Code agent $146
Approval as a Boat Code examiner $93
Renewal of the term of approval as a Boat Code examiner $47
Set of 20 HIN plates (10 pairs) $143
Pad of 50 interim Boat Code certificates $41
Duplicate copy of Boat Code certificate$18

Boat code fees charged by the agent

Maximum fee to be charged by Boat Code agent for affixing a HIN to a vessel at the Boat Code agent's premises* $110
Maximum fee to be charged by Boat Code agent for inspecting and validating a HIN on a vessel at the Boat Code agent's premises* $80

* These fees may need to be paid to the Boat Code agent in advance. Boat Code agents may charge additional fees to cover travel and accommodation costs when a HIN is affixed, or inspected and validated, at a location other than the Boat Code agent's normal premises. Such fees are to be negotiated between the applicant and the agent.

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