Working with Children Checks

Who needs a Working with Children Check

You need a Working with Children Check (WWCC) if you work, or intend to work, as an employee or volunteer, in a child-related area.

It's an offence to do child-related work without a WWCC.

More information about who needs a WWCC

Expiring Working with Children Checks

WWCCs are valid for 5 years.

If you received a notification that your WWCC will expire soon, you need to apply for a new check to be able to continue working with children.

You can apply for a new WWCC check if your existing check will expire within 6 months.

If you apply early, you may be eligible to continue working while your new application is being processed, even if your old check expires – this is called ‘work on re-application’.

To be eligible to work on re-application you must apply before your current WWCC expires.

Find out from your employer or volunteering organisation if you’re eligible.

Before you apply

Confirm you don't have an existing WWCC that has more than 6 months left before its expiry date.

Conduct a WWCC search to see whether you have a valid WWCC.

The search needs your Unique ID (SRN). You can search your Unique ID if you know the email address that you used in your application.

If you're not sure whether you have a WWCC, you can contact the Screening Unit.

If you apply for a WWCC, you do not need to apply for a vulnerable person-related employment check, or a general employment probity check.

Apply for a check

Apply as an individual

You should apply for a WWCC as an individual if you work, or intend to work in a child-related area:

  • an an employee or volunteer
  • as a sole trader, contractor or self-employed person who does not employ other workers or volunteers

Apply for a WWCC screening check

Apply as an employer

If you represent a business or if you're a sole trader, contractor or self-employed and you do employ workers or volunteers, the WWCC application process is different.

Employer WWCC applications

Continuous monitoring of checks

After a WWCC clearance is granted, information sources from bodies including SA Police and Department for Child Protection are monitored for any new information relevant to a person's check status. The SA Screening Unit is also notified when a person is prohibited from working with children in another state or territory.

If new information means a person's clearance status is changed or revoked, the person and all known organisations will be notified.

Notifying changes

Both workers who have a WWCC and their employer or organisation have legal obligations to notify the Screening Unit of certain information.

Worker responsibilities

If you have had a WWCC, you must notify the Screening Unit if any of the following occur:

  • you change your name, or start using another name or names
  • you change your address or contact details
  • you become prohibited from working with children in another state or territory
  • you become a registrable offender under the Child Sex Offenders Registration Act 2006
  • you make a disclosure to your employer under section 66 of the Child Sex Offenders Registration Act 2006
  • there is a change in the assessable information relating to you and the information arose after your most recent WWCC. Assessable information includes, but is not limited to, criminal charges, criminal convictions and findings of guilt, child protection matters, disciplinary and misconduct matters, cancellation of an approval as a foster parent, intervention orders, and restraining orders.

It's an offence (with a maximum penalty of $50,000) to refuse or fail to notify the Screening Unit of this information.

Before you can notify the Screening Unit, you'll need to verify your customer details with the Screening Unit. This ensures that you are the right person and that the right details are being changed or updated. Once verified you will be sent an email with a link that will allow you to notify the Screening Unit of a change in information.

Receipt of any of the above information may result in the Screening Unit conducting an additional WWCC in relation to you and a change in your WWCC status.

Notify the Screening Unit

Information for parents

People you personally engage to work directly with your children must have a WWCC.

More information for parents about WWCCs

Prohibition notices

A prohibition notice will be issued by the Screening Unit (Central Assessment Unit) where it determines the person who applied for a WWCC poses an unacceptable risk to children and is prohibited from working with children. Notices are sent to an applicant's personal email address, or via registered post.

Right of review

If you have been issued with a prohibition notice you may be able to apply directly to the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) to review the decision of the Screening Unit to issue the prohibition notice (conditions apply).

The application to SACAT should be made within 14 days after the prohibition notice is received. SACAT may allow an extension of time in certain circumstances.

Apply for a review


You may apply to the Screening Unit to have a prohibition notice revoked if:

  • the prohibition notice was issued in error - eg mistaken identity
  • there is fresh and compelling assessable information that, if assessed in the course of the original WWCC, would have materially affected the determination to prohibit you.

You will need to provide evidence to support your application such as court documents or transcripts, police reports, professional reports or assessments, or statutory declarations.

You can not apply to have your prohibition notice revoked if:

  • you have been found guilty of a prescribed offence committed as an adult (unless the conviction is now spent)
  • you are prohibited from working with children under the law of the Commonwealth, or of another state or territory.

The Screening Unit may refuse to consider an application to revoke a prohibition notice if an application to revoke the same notice has been considered in the last 5 years.

Email to apply for a revocation.



Contact the Screening Unit with any queries about new or existing screening checks.

Contact the Screening UnitEnquire now


1300 321 592
Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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