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If you need immediate help, call the gambling helpline on 1800 858 858 or visit Gambling Help Online.

You can request a third party barring order if you're a family member or friend of someone who, due to their gambling, may be at risk of harm to:

  • themselves
  • you, if you live with them or you're a family member
  • another member of their family.

A barring order can stop them from gambling or entering a specific area of a venue where gambling takes place. Orders are legally binding and can stop people from:

  • gambling at the casino
  • entering areas in hotels and clubs with gaming machines
  • betting on the races or sport
  • buying commercial lottery tickets.

Requesting a barring order

To request a third party barring, contact Consumer and Business Services directly or approach staff at a venue.

Contact CBS

Contact CBS staff directly to initiate the third party barring process by:

You must also complete and email the 3BA - request for involuntary barring (PDF 180KB) form.

Our staff will speak to you, listen to your concerns and explain the next steps.

Contact the venue

Approach a staff member at a venue who will consider your request.

If they agree, they will complete an order barring the person from the venue for a specified timeframe or indefinitely.

The venue staff will then forward this information to CBS, who will review the barring order.

If they don't agree to your request, you can contact CBS and ask for the request to be reconsidered.


CBS will organise a conversation between you, the person you are concerned about and a delegate of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner. This is called a hearing and will determine:

  • if the barring is appropriate
  • which gambling products to include in the barring (eg gaming machines, lotteries or betting products)
  • which venues need to be added
  • how long the barring should be.

CBS will request supporting documentation from you before the hearing (eg bank statements etc)

If you're worried about being involved in the hearing (eg you are concerned about domestic violence issues) speak with CBS, as there may be other options for you.

Outcomes of the hearing

If both you and the person you are concerned about agree to the barring, the order can be made through the voluntary barring process.

If the person doesn't agree - and there is a reasonable chance they or a family member may suffer harm as a consequence of their gambling - an involuntary order may be made. Involuntary barring orders can be made even if the person doesn't participate in the hearing.

Whatever the outcome of the hearing, all parties involved will be notified of the decision in writing.

The person has the option to have the decision reconsidered if they are not happy with the outcome - the Commissioner will be involved in these reconsideration hearings.

Other options

A family protection order can take additional steps to prevent someone from gambling related harm.

You can apply for a family protection order if you are a family member in the persons care or control, or are living with them.

Contact CBS Gaming

Email: gamblingadministration@sa.gov.au

Phone: 131 882 and select option 6

GPO Box 2169
Adelaide SA 5001

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