My family needs help with gambling

A person can be barred from gambling if it causes harm to anyone who is dependent on them. A family protection order can:

  • bar someone from gambling activities and particular venues
  • compel someone to attend counselling
  • have wages paid directly to a family member or into a specific account.

Before applying for a family protection order, consider whether a third party barring order may be more appropriate.

Who can apply

You can apply for a family protection order if you're a family member in the persons care or control, or are living with them. This may include:

  • a current or former spouse
  • domestic partner
  • child below the age of 18.

Other people can apply on the family’s behalf and these applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How to apply

Contact CBS on 131 882 to discuss your options. A staff member will make an appointment to help you fill out and submit your family protection order form (PDF 380KB)

You should bring any evidence to the appointment that supports your case. You can also bring a friend or counsellor to the appointment for support.

What happens next

If the barred person agrees, an order can be placed without a hearing.

If they don't agree, there will be a hearing. You'll be given the chance to explain the problem and how it affects you.


Hearings are usually informal, but people who are giving evidence must take an oath or affirmation. Witnesses don't need to stay after they've given evidence.

Both the person who initiated the barring and the person who needs help with gambling will have the opportunity to:

  • call witnesses
  • make submissions
  • give evidence.

Hearings are recorded.

Everyone needs to bring:

  • photo identification - eg drivers licence
  • any information you think supports your case
  • people who can appear as witnesses.


The hearing can be cancelled and a new date set if:

  • the person who initiated the barring, or the person who needs help with gambling don't turn up
  • more information is required from either person
  • a summons hasn't been served to the person who needs help with gambling.

The hearing must be cancelled if the person who needs the help with gambling has a complaint against them under the Domestic Violence Act 1994. The hearing can't begin again until the domestic violence complaint ends.

Contact CBS Gaming


Phone: 131 882 and select option 6

GPO Box 2169
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