Apply for an instant lottery licence

Instant lotteries use an instant scratch or ‘break-open’ tickets where the number, letter or symbol is hidden. You must have a licence before you can advertise or begin an instant lottery.

At least 10% of the gross proceeds of an instant lottery, as well as all net proceeds, must be used for an approved purpose.

Associations applying for a licence for the first time need to include:

  • a copy of the association's constitution
  • names and addresses of management committee members
  • the number of financial members
  • any outstanding financial statements and auditor's reports.

Fee: $9.75

What happens next

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) will contact you when your licence is approved.

An application can be refused if:

  • the prizes include banned goods or services
  • any gift, reward or benefit related to the lottery includes banned goods or services
  • the applicant has conducted a major lottery that was not financially viable and the minister considers another major lottery also a problem
  • the terms and conditions for an unclaimed prize don’t give the winner a reasonable chance to claim it.


Instant lottery tickets must not be sold to anyone under 18 years old and must be bought from an approved supplier. Each series of instant lottery tickets must include a unique serial number and have an equal chance of winning.

Instant lottery tickets must be manufactured, packaged and stored so that numbers, letters or symbols can’t be detected before a ticket is bought.

Each ticket must state:

  • the name and licence number of the supplier
  • the serial number and classification code
  • the price
  • the name and licence number of the association selling tickets.


An instant lottery must not be advertised or promoted on:

  • radio, weekdays between 6.00 am and 8.30 am
  • television, weekdays between 4.00 pm and 7.30 pm.

Banking and record keeping

Accurate records must be kept for instant lotteries and the accounts must be audited annually. Renewal applications and financial statements (60KB PDF) are sent out each year prior to the licence expiry date.

Records and any unsold tickets must be kept at least a year from the day the licence expires.

Change or cancel a licence

Change a licence

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) must approve any changes to a lottery licence. A written request must be made to CBS with the reasons for the change.

In special circumstances, you can ask to have a lottery rule left out. It will only be allowed if it's fair to all participants. Extra conditions may need to be added to your licence.

Cancel a licence

A licence can be cancelled or suspended if:

  • information given on the application was not accurate
  • legislation is not followed
  • licence conditions are not met
  • the prizes include banned goods or services
  • any gift, reward or benefit related to the lottery includes banned goods or services
  • the association does not follow advertising rules
  • the lottery has become financially unviable.

If the lottery is not (or will not be) financially successful, the association must write to CBS and ask to cancel the lottery. The letter must give a reason, the date ticket sales will stop, how ticket holders and the public will be notified, and how ticket buyers will be refunded.

Contact CBS

Online: Contact CBS

Phone: 131 882

GPO Box 1719
Adelaide SA 5001

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