Apply for a major lottery licence

A major lottery is a fundraiser conducted by an organisation, where the total retail value of all prizes is more than $5,000, and the winners are decided by lot or draw.

An application can only be made by an association or by someone aged 18 years or older acting on its behalf.

If the lottery will also run in another state or territory, contact them about their licensing requirements.

Make sure you attach all the relevant supporting evidence - what you'll need.

Lodge the application at least 14 days before the lottery begins.

Fee: $9.95

What you’ll need

To apply for a lottery licence you'll need:

  • a copy of proposed ticket and book cover design
  • the terms and conditions of entry and participation
  • copies of any contracts you have with a commission or fundraising agent
  • details about whether the association will have the prizes before ticket sales start
  • the value of prizes such as collector’s items or major second-hand articles

Financial statements, including auditors reports, must be lodged and up to date for any previous lotteries conducted.

Unincorporated organisations applying for a licence for the first time also need to include:

  • a copy of the association’s constitution
  • names and addresses of management committee members
  • the number of financial members.

What happens next

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) will contact you when your licence is approved.

An application can be refused if:

  • the prizes include banned goods or services
  • any gift, reward or benefit related to the lottery includes banned goods or services
  • the applicant has conducted a major lottery that was not financially viable
  • there are reasonable grounds to deny the application.

Change or cancel a licence

Change a licence

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) must approve any changes to a lottery licence. A written request must be made to CBS with the reasons for the change.

In special circumstances, you can ask to have a lottery rule left out. It will only be allowed if it's fair to all participants. Extra conditions may need to be added to your licence.

Cancel a licence

A licence can be cancelled or suspended if:

  • information given on the application was not accurate
  • the legislation isn't followed
  • licence conditions are not met
  • the prizes include banned goods or services
  • any gift, reward or benefit related to the lottery includes banned goods or services
  • the association doesn't follow advertising rules
  • the lottery has become financially unviable.

If the lottery is not, or won't be, financially successful, the association must write to CBS and ask to cancel the lottery. The letter must include:

  • the reason the lottery should stop
  • the date ticket sales will stop
  • how ticket holders and the public will be notified
  • how ticket buyers will be refunded.

Contact CBS Lotteries

Contact form

131 882 (option 6)

GPO Box 1719
Adelaide SA 5001

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