Charitable donations and appeals

Donations and bequests

Organisations can appeal for donations from the general public or from businesses. Donations don't need to be confined to money; they can include goods and services, such as perishable and non-perishable items, blankets, computers or specialised labour skills.

Your organisation may need a licence to collect donations.

Cash donations to volunteer organisations are generally tax-deductible, which adds further incentive for a person or group to make a contribution. Organisations need to register for deductible gift recipient status through the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for this benefit to apply.

Organisations can also receive bequests. Bequests are gifts of money or property as a result of someone's will.


A fundraising appeal involves soliciting money, goods, property or other benefits from the public to support an organisation for a charitable purpose, or for a charitable objective. Appeals can take many forms, including donations, sponsorships, telethons, lotteries, competitions, the supply of food or entertainment.

Information on how to establish a fundraising strategy can be found on the Our Community website.

You may need a licence to host an appeal.

Collection tins

The use of collections tins can be a cost-effective way for organisations to raise money. Tins can be left in strategic locations or they can be used for street collections.

Tips on where organisations can buy or hire collection tins is provided on the Our Community website. You may need a licence to collect donations using collection tins.

Workplace giving

A workplace giving program enables employees to make regular donations to eligible charities through their payroll system.

Employers and employees can choose to make regular donations to eligible charities through their pay system as long as their organisation has deductible gift recipient status with the ATO.

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