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Cancel vehicle registration

Who is this for

Light vehicle, light trailer or motor bike owners who wish to cancel their South Australian registration.

What you need

You can cancel your registration online if you have a mySA GOV account.

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or create an account.

To cancel online, you must indicate that the vehicle will be re-registered in the future by selecting “Yes” to the question “Will you be registering the vehicle again?”

Alternatively, you can complete an application to cancel registration (175.9 KB PDF) and lodge it at a Service SA customer service centre.

If you lodge your application at Service SA you will be required to surrender the number plates. Alternatively, a plate surrender exemption can be completed on the condition the vehicle will be re-registered within 12 months.

For more information regarding the surrender of number plates contact Service SA.


A $20 cancellation fee is deducted from the refund.

What happens next

A refund cheque will be posted to the registered owner.

Additional information

The cancellation will be effective from the date it is processed. For a wrecked or written-off vehicle, a statutory declaration or letter from an insurance company is required to backdate the effective date. The statutory declaration or correspondence from the insurance company must state the vehicle has not been driven on public roads since the date of the incident.

A pro-rata refund is calculated on the remaining portion of the vehicle’s registration fee, compulsory third party insurance premium and lifetime support scheme levy.

No refund is issued on the stamp duty on the compulsory third party insurance or Emergency Services Levy.

The administration fee charged for a renewal of registration or a new registration is non-refundable.

As above, a cancellation fee is deducted from any refund due.

A refund will not be issued for the cancellation of an unregistered vehicle permit.

Refunds are payable to the registered owner. Requests for the refund to be paid to another party must be accompanied by approval from the registered owner in the form of a Procuration Order (356.0 KB PDF). For more information contact Service SA.

To re-register a vehicle that has had the number plates surrendered, new number plates will be issued when applying for registration (number plate fee payable).

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