Public transport help for people with disabilities

All Adelaide Metro trains and trams and most buses are accessible.

Assistance dogs

Accredited assistance animals, like guide dogs, can accompany a person with a disability on all forms of public transport.

Wheelchair access

All Adelaide Metro trams and trains are accessible to people in wheelchairs.

Ramps are fitted at the front-most entrance of each train and can be extended with driver assistance. Passengers in wheelchairs should wait to board at the front end of the train.

Over 80 per cent of the Adelaide Metro bus fleet are low-floor buses with priority and wheelchair allocated space. To find out if an accessible bus is rostered for the route and time you want to make your journey - phone Adelaide Metro on 1300 311 108.

Access taxis

Access taxis cater for passengers with mobility difficulties or disabilities, particularly those with wheelchairs and scooters.

To book an access taxi phone 1300 360 940 (24 hours).

To register to a commendation or complaint about an access taxi service phone 1300 551 156 (7.00 am to 8.00 pm daily). Purpose-built vehicles are fitted with hydraulic lifts that enable passengers in wheelchairs and scooters to be positioned safety and securely into the taxi.

Single wheelchair taxis are available or commuter buses that can fit two or three wheelchairs plus passengers with four to ten seats.

Drivers undergo training to increase their understanding, knowledge and skills to cater effectively for passengers with disabilities.

Subsidies for people with permanent and severe disabilities

People with permanent and severe disabilities that limit their ability to use transport independently can apply for assistance to travel by taxi or buses, trains and trams.

Travel by taxi

Subsidised taxi fares are available through the South Australian transport subsidy scheme (SATSS).

Travel on buses, trains and trams

Free fares are available for companions with the 'Plus one FREE COMPANION' card or the Companion Card.

Passes for people with physical or cognitive disabilities

The Mobility Pass is available to people who are unable to validate a metrocard using on-board equipment due to physical or cognitive impairment. This Special Pass enables free unlimited travel on Adelaide Metro buses, trains and trams.

A cognitive impairment can involve intellectual disability, dementia, acquired brain injury or other disability.

To apply, download the Mobility pass metroCARD application form (168.7 KB DOCX).

Passes for people who are blind or vision-impaired

The vision impaired travel pass entitles the holder to unlimited free travel on Adelaide Metro buses, trains and trams.

A medical certificate from an ophthalmologist, optometrist or a medical practitioner is required.

Motorised wheelchairs on public transport

Find tips on using a motorised wheelchair and other mobility aids on public transport on Adelaide Metro's Accessibility and disability webpage.

Safer travel for passengers using mobility aids on public transport (168.7 KB DOCX)

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