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Public and community housing is not emergency accommodation. If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless there are crisis services that can help you.

Public and community housing is mainly for vulnerable and low income households who can't access or maintain other forms of accommodation like renting privately.

There are limited numbers of public and community housing available. Visit HomeSeeker SA to find other services you may be eligible for.

How to register

You can register for all types of public and community housing you are eligible for, or just for public housing.

  1. Check if you are eligible to register - who can register.
  2. Confirm the types of housing you want to register for.
  3. Complete a Registration of interest in housing form. (412.2 KB PDF)
  4. Provide detailed information and supporting documents - what you'll need.
  5. Return the form and all other documents to Housing SA or your preferred community housing provider.

Who can register

You can register your interest in public and community housing if you live in South Australia, don’t own or partly own residential property and have an independent income.

Your household’s income must meet the income and asset limits, unless you have special circumstances.

There may be more conditions if you are registering for community housing.

You can’t register for public housing if you have been excluded from Housing SA’s services because of antisocial behaviour.

If you register for public housing and have a debt with Housing SA you need to make an arrangement to repay it.

Check if you have a debt with Housing SA with your Housing Connect Account.

If there is more than one household group in your registration, for example, a couple with a child and a financially independent elderly parent, both households need to be eligible or have special circumstances.

What you'll need

Provide proof of income and identity for everyone in your household aged 16 and over.

Choose the areas you are prepared to live in - areas where housing is available.

Give details about any special circumstances you have. You may be asked to provide proof.

Provide confirmation of Aboriginality if you are registering for Aboriginal housing or housing managed by Housing SA in an Aboriginal community.

What happens next

You will get a letter telling you if your registration has been successful.

You may be asked to provide more information or to attend an appointment to talk about your situation.

Registrations are placed into a category based on your need. People with the highest level of need are generally offered housing first.

Update or cancel a registration

Update your contact details or cancel a registration at any time:

Otherwise, complete a Change of circumstances form (403.2 KB PDF) and return it to Housing SA or your preferred community housing provider.

Change of circumstances include:

  • changing your name
  • adding or removing someone from your registration
  • income changes
  • changing the areas you have registered for.

If you were removed from someone else’s registration, you may be eligible to have your own registration. Contact Housing SA or your preferred Community Housing Provider to talk about your situation.

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