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Having difficulty paying a Housing SA account

If  you owe money to Housing SA, make sure you pay it by the due date.

If you have a debt, you may not be eligible for Housing SA’s services, and the debt may be outsourced to a private debt collector.

If you can’t pay a debt in full, contact Housing SA before it’s due to make an arrangement to repay the following minimum amount:

  • 20% of your weekly rent if you’re a public or Aboriginal housing tenant
  • $15 per week for all other customers.

You can make payments above this amount.

Housing SA may refer you to other services or support agencies, or you can find financial counselling in your area on the SA Community website.

If you can’t make a repayment

Contact Housing SA as soon as possible before the payment is due if you can’t make a repayment by the due date.

Dispute a debt

Contact Housing SA if you aren’t sure what the debt is for, or if you disagree with the debt or amount. Most matters can be resolved quickly.

If the matter can’t be resolved, you may be able to appeal the decision.

If you can’t pay the minimum amount

If you can’t afford to pay the minimum arrangement amount, you can apply to Housing SA to pay a lower amount.

You must meet the following conditions:

  • you are in temporary financial hardship
  • you have exhausted all reasonable avenues to help alleviate your financial situation, for example asking family for help or contacting a financial support service.

Temporary financial hardship is when you experience an extraordinary circumstance that significantly affects your ability to pay for essential living services such as food, accommodation, clothing, medical treatment or education costs.

Extraordinary circumstances can include:

  • the loss of or significantly reduced primary income
  • serious illness or family tragedy
  • domestic abuse
  • gambling, drug or alcohol addiction
  • major property loss due to a disaster, such as a fire or flood
  • significant household changes, such as separating from a partner or family visiting for a cultural obligation.

How to apply

1. Complete a Temporary hardship form

Complete a Temporary financial hardship form (72.1 KB DOCX)

2. Provide documents that confirm your situation

This could include letters from medical and health professionals or financial counsellors, account statements and bills.

3. Return documents

Return all the documents to Housing SA.

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