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Consumer and Business Services will no longer be accepting registered relationship applications over the counter, effective from until further notice.

More information is available on the CBS website.

Registering your relationship with Consumer and Business Services (CBS) means that your relationship is legally recognised. It can make it easier to access entitlements and assert your rights, including in medical situations. Registering your relationship is not the same as getting married.

Who can register

You can register your relationship if you are 18 years of age or older and in a relationship with another person as a couple. At least one of you must live in South Australia. Couples may apply irrespective of their sex or gender identity.

Your relationship can't be registered if you or your partner are:

  • married
  • already in a registered relationship or corresponding law registered relationship
  • in a relationship as a couple with another person
  • related by family.

What you'll need

CBS will ask both people in the relationship:

  • for personal details
  • if you plan to have a ceremony
  • to prove your identity - proof of ID form (PDF 121KB)
  • to complete a statutory declaration, which must be witnessed by an authorised person
  • to provide evidence that a previous relationship has ended, if you have previously been married, in a registered relationship, or corresponding law registered relationship.


What happens next

The earliest your relationship can be registered is 28 days after lodging the application and paying the appropriate fees. You can't fast track this registration.

Check estimated processing times on the CBS website to work out how long it will currently take to process your application.

Contact the  Department of Home Affairs (Australian Government) to find out if registering your relationship can support your visa application.

Check with the relevant authorities - eg Australian Passport Office - to find out what evidence is needed if you decide to take on your partner's surname. Visit register a change of name for more information.

Registry office ceremony

Couples are not required to have a ceremony when they register their relationship. However, relationship ceremonies can be conducted at Chesser House, performed by registry staff.

Nominate a preferred date for the ceremony in your application. If your first choice isn't available, we will give you alternative dates to choose from.

Registry office relationship ceremonies

Withdraw an application

One or both of you can withdraw the application to register a relationship within 28 days of lodging the form.

Withdraw your registration

Ending a relationship

If a relationship breaks down, either of you may apply to revoke the registration.

Apply to revoke the registration

Contact Births, Deaths and Marriages

Phone: 131 882

GPO Box 1351
Adelaide SA 5001

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