Parents in Education funding for school and preschool communities

Our relationships with parents are at the centre of success for every child at school.

Parents in Education (PIE) funding is available to government schools and preschools. The funding is for parent engagement projects that help parents to:

  • engage in their child’s education
  • feel empowered to support learning at home through strong partnerships with schools.

Focus for 2024 projects

Projects should focus on strengthening parent and school and preschool partnerships to support safe and inclusive learning environments for all students.

Key activities for the project include:

  • empowerment of parents to develop strong and positive partnerships with schools and preschools
  • parents and staff working together to make schools and preschools safer and more inclusive
  • development of parent knowledge and skills on how to support their child to talk about their wellbeing, any safety concerns and ask for help when needed.

How to apply

South Australian government schools and preschools will be able to apply for funding in term 3, 2023.

See Parents in Education funding for school and preschool communities on the Department for Education website to find out how to apply.

Benefits of parent engagement

Effective parent engagement has many benefits, including:

  • increased student attendance and student engagement in learning
  • expanding ways for children to be successful learners, at school, at home, and in the world around them
  • enhancing the knowledge, professional skills, and capacity of educators
  • a richer, more diverse, and inclusive school community.

Get help with your child’s learning

How you support your child’s learning matters. You shape your child’s values and attitude. You shape their attitude and approaches to learning at home, school, and beyond.

The department has some resources to help you support your child’s learning. The resources cover:

  • what being engaged in your child’s educations means
  • what you can do to help your child
  • hear what parents, students, and teachers think.


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