Financial support

Payments and financial support schemes

Students and their families can get help with child care and education costs through a variety of schemes provided by Centrelink and other national agencies. Assistance is available for all types of learning and training for those with special needs.

Aboriginal families

Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders can apply for ABSTUDY. The scheme covers indigenous secondary or tertiary education and full-time Australian apprenticeships.

Centrelink customers

Customers of Centrelink can use the Centrepay bill-paying service. Fees including education fees can be deducted on a regular basis from Centrelink payments. You can contact your school about arranging a payment plan.

Defence force families

Members of the Australian Defence Force are entitled to various assistance schemes to support their child's education. You may also be eligible for other support schemes.

Families with children in child care

The Child Care Benefit helps you with the cost of child care, long day care, family day care, occasional care, outside school hours care, vacation care and registered care. If you have applied for the Child Care Benefit, you may also be eligible for the Child Care Rebate.

The Jobs, Education and Training Child Care Rebate (JET) helps you with the cost of child care fees while you study, participate in training or participate in job search activities to enter or re-enter the workforce if you are on an employment pathway plan through Centrelink.

The Grandparent Child Care Benefit helps you with the cost of childcare if you are the sole or main provider of ongoing daily care for your grandchild.

The Special Child Care benefit can assist with child care fees:

  • where the child is at risk of serious abuse or neglect
  • if the family is experiencing a hardship that makes it difficult to access child care
  • the weekly limit of hours can be increased and the fees covered by this benefit in some circumstances.

For more information see child care resources and fact sheets on the My Child website or phone the My Child helpline on 13 36 84 or get more information about support for parents of a new baby or newly-adopted child on the Centrelink website.

International students

Overseas students on an award course in South Australia can enrol their children in a state government school. There are two categories of dependants:

  1. children of international tertiary students
  2. children of South Australian government endorsed scholarship holders.


Pensioners who are receiving payments from Centrelink may be eligible for a Pensioner Education Supplement.

Students in remote and isolated areas

School-aged students who cannot get to a school or tertiary provider because they live in a remote area, or they have a disability or special health needs can apply for help through Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC).

Aboriginal students may be interested in finding out about the Indigenous Youth Mobility Program.

Eligible students can apply for a travelling allowance.

Young people at school, training or in an apprenticeship


Full-time students aged 25 years or over and those undertaking an Australian apprenticeship can apply for financial help through AUSTUDY. The scheme covers secondary education, graduate and undergraduate courses, and some Masters, diplomas and TAFE courses.

School Card

Full-time students from low income families scheme who are attending government schools can claim School Card assistance for a range of school expenses, including fees.

HELP paying your fees

The Government administers five HELP loans schemes to assist students with the cost of their tuition. The right loan for you will depend on your circumstances, eligibility and where you want to study.


Contact schools, universities and other educational institutions to discover their range of scholarships.

Travelling allowance

Eligible students can apply for a travelling allowance.

Youth allowance

Young people who are studying, training or undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship may be eligible for a Youth allowance.

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