Financial support

School Card scheme

The School Card scheme offers financial assistance with educational expenses for students attending government schools including:

  • school fees (materials and service charges)
  • uniforms
  • camps and excursions.

For students at non-government schools, parents are encouraged to speak directly to the school about financial assistance.

The 2017 School Card applications closed on 24th November 2017 . Please contact your school if you have any further questions.

2018 applications

The 2018 School Card application forms will be available:

  • on this page from early 2018
  • from your child's school when they commence in 2018.


School Card is available to:

  • families with children aged four years and over who attend a school full-time
  • independent full time years 10 or 11 students who are studying six subjects
  • independent full time year 12 students who are studying five subjects
  • adult re-entry students undertaking DECD funded subjects at a government school.

Income audit

Form A: Income audit

This form is suitable for most low-income students and families. Use this form if:

  • your combined gross income is within the income limit
  • your combined gross income is generated solely from a salary or Centrelink benefits
  • neither parent is self-employed
  • the child was born after 1 July 1997.

Hardship, change of circumstances or self-employment

Form B: Hardship/change of circumstances or self-employment

This form is for people who:

  • have a gross income above the School Card income limit but have experienced hardship due to extraordinary or unavoidable expenses - eg medical or funeral costs
  • experienced a significant change of financial circumstances from the 1 July last year to until end of February this year - eg unemployment
  • are self-employed and the family gross income is within the  income limit.

Foster parents and guardians

Form F: Informal and formal care agreement – government students

Form F: Informal and formal care/guardianship – non-government students

These forms are for:

  • foster (informal and formal care agreement) applicants who are the guardians of one or more students
  • grandparents who are the guardians of their grandchildren.

Migrants and new arrivals

Form M: Migrants and new arrivals

This form is for:

  • newly arrived migrants who arrived in Australia after 1 July 2015
  • applicants who have exited a detention centre after 1 July 2015
  • families with a combined gross income that is within the  income limit.

Newly arrived migrant may need to contact the School Card Section on 1800 672 758 to discuss their visa class.

Adult re-entry students

Form S: Adult re-entry students on low income

This form is for adult re-entry students:

  • undertaking only DECD funded subjects
  • with a combined family gross income within the  income limit.


Form V: Veterans

Complete this form if you or your partner:

  • receive a benefit from the Department of Veterans' Affairs
  • have a total gross income within the  income limit.

Students living away from home and receiving youth allowance

Form Y: Students living away from home and receiving youth allowance or disability support

This form is for students who at the end of February this year:

  • are living away from their parents
  • have a total gross income within the income limit
  • are receiving the Independent Youth Allowance or Independent Disability Support Pension.


Form R:  Re-Assessment

For applicants to request their application be re-assessed after receiving a No for School Card assistance for the 2017 school year.

Income limits

Income limits for applications lodged in 2017 - based on the family's gross income in 2015/2016.

Number of dependent children Gross annual income limit Gross weekly income limit
1 child $37,274 $717
2 children $38,291 $737
3 children $39,308 $757
4 children $40,325 $777
5 children $41,342 $797
More than five children Add $1,017 for each child Add $20 for each child

You will need to provide proof of income - eg payslips or Centrelink information.

How to apply

Applicants need to complete an application form at the beginning of each year. Forms can be submitted from the start of January.

If you need help completing the form, talk to your school or phone the School Card section on 1800 672 758 (free call).

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For more information or assistance with completing the form talk to your school or phone freecall 1800 672 758.

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