Vehicle registration

Transferring vehicle registration

Buying or selling a vehicle

What the seller does

Complete the disposal notice on the registration certificate and lodge it with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles at any Service SA customer service centre within 14 days of the sale.

Getting a replacement registration certificate

What the buyer does

When buying a vehicle you need to transfer the vehicle's registration within 14 days of purchasing the vehicle.

A transfer fee and stamp duty are payable to put the vehicle in your name.

The certificate must show the details of the person or business you acquired the vehicle from.

Both buyer and seller complete and sign the form

Both the buyer and seller must sign the registration certificate and lodge the form at any Service SA customer service centre.

Transferring between married or de facto partners

In certain circumstances, registration of a vehicle may be transferred between husband and wife or de facto couples without payment of stamp duty on the value of the vehicle being required. This only applies to vehicles that are currently registered.

You can transfer from either:

  • one name to joint names
  • joint names to one name
  • one name to the other.

1. Statutory declaration

Both partners must complete a statutory declaration form 71CB.

The statutory declaration must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace.

2. Document lodgement

Return the witnessed statutory declaration to a Service SA customer service centre with the following:

  • the completed application for transfer of registration (on the reverse side of the current certificate of registration)
  • the appropriate transfer fee (the statutory declaration does not exempt you from paying the transfer fee).

Settling a deceased estate

The requirement for transferring vehicle registration as part of settling a deceased estate will depend on whether the vehicle is in single or joint ownership and whether there is a will or executor.

For advice on what's required in your circumstances phone 13 10 84 or visit a Service SA customer service centre.

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