Registering an unregistered vehicle, trailer or motorbike

Before driving a vehicle, trailer or motor bike on the road it must be registered and have compulsory third party insurance. Unregistered vehicles, trailers or motor bikes are not allowed to be used or stand on the road and they can be detected by traffic cameras.

Before you begin

You will need to provide:

  • your name, address and date of birth
  • your licence or client number
  • name and address of the person you bought the vehicle from
  • vehicle registration (plate) number
  • engine number
  • vehicle identification number (VIN) or chassis number
  • vehicle make, type and year of manufacture.

How to register an unregistered vehicle

1. Application form

Download and complete a MR1 Application for registration and third party insurance (67.1 KB PDF).

The MR80 Heavy Vehicle Configuration Information Sheet (405.6 KB PDF) has information that may help you register or modify a vehicle if the vehicle has a GVM/GTM exceeding 4500 kg.

2. Lodging the form

Return the completed application to a Service SA customer service centre.

If you live more than 100 kilometres from a Service SA customer service centre you can lodge and pay for the initial registration at your nearest police station. Residents of Ceduna, Coober Pedy and Kingscote can go to Australia Post.

The fee to register your vehicle, trailer or motor bike can be calculated by using the EzyReg general fee enquiry.

After you pay the fee a registration details certificate will be issued to you or sent in the mail.

Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?

The question 'are you of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin' is a routine question that Service SA staff ask you when register a vehicle in your name for the first time.

Your answer is used for road safety statistical analysis only and is not disclosed to any other authorities.

MR1492 Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin? (525.9 KB PDF)

Detecting unregistered vehicles, trailers or motor bikes

Traffic cameras can detect unregistered vehicles, trailers or motor bikes to ensure that everyone contributes towards ongoing road maintenance and upgrades that are funded by registration fees and has compulsory third party insurance.

Fines for unregistered and uninsured vehicles, trailers and motor bikes apply. Make sure you are not caught out:

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