Traffic cameras detecting unregistered and uninsured vehicles

All road traffic cameras can detect unregistered and uninsured vehicles on South Australian roads, this is in addition to police traffic enforcement.

If an unregistered and uninsured vehicle is detected by a traffic camera more than once, the first fine will be issued immediately but there will be an allowance of seven days from the first fine before a second fine is issued, so the owner can be notified by mail about the original offence.

To avoid detection - register your vehicle and have compulsory third party insurance.

  • Registration fees contribute towards maintenance and improvement of the road network.
  • When driver crashes their vehicle and is not covered by compulsory third party insurance they are liable for the cost of personal injury resulting from an accident.

  • When an unregistered and uninsured vehicle is detected on the roadside by police, a fine will be issued for each camera detection from then until the vehicle is registered.

If your vehicle registration has expired, renew it:

Rules that support detection of unregistered and uninsured vehicles

Number plates

Number plates must be returned when not allocated to a vehicle or the vehicle is not registered, including cancelling a vehicle registration.  This makes sure false number plates are not used on a vehicle.

Penalties apply for the failure to return number plates.

Selling or buying a vehicle

The buyer of a vehicle is responsible for transferring the registration into their name with 14 days and the seller is also required to notify the Registrar of Motor Vehicles about the sale of the vehicle within 14 days using their current registration form.

Penalties apply for the failure to transfer a vehicle into your name within 14 days.

Change of address

Advise that you have changed your address within 14 days to keep registration records up-to-date online:

Penalties apply for the failure to notify change of address.

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