Driver's licence

Medical fitness to drive

The holder of a driver’s licence, or a particular class of licence, is required to be medically fit to drive a motor vehicle safely.

Who is this for

People who declare or have been diagnosed with a medical condition, or take medication that may affect their ability to drive.

People over 70 years that have a licence class other than car.

People over 75 years.

Reporting medical conditions

All drivers are required to report a medical condition that could affect their ability to drive at the time the condition is diagnosed.

When reporting a medical condition, a certificate of fitness (697.4 KB PDF) is required to be completed and submitted to Service SA. For further information please call 13 10 84.

Health practitioners are also required to report if a patient’s medical condition may affect their ability to drive.

What you need

Medical assessments

If you’re applying for a driver’s licence for the first time and you need a medical examination, Service SA will provide you with a certificate of fitness. Your health professional will need to complete the certificate before your licence can be issued.

A certificate of fitness will also be posted to a licence holder if one of the following applies:

  • A previous medical condition is recorded that is subject to periodic review.
  • The licence holder is aged 70 or older and has a class other than car (eg, heavy vehicle or motorbike)


From the age of 75 years and if no previous medical condition is recorded, a self-assessment will be posted annually to holders of a car licence.

The self-assessment enables drivers to self-assess their fitness to drive. If the applicant responds “yes” to any questions on the self- assessment or is unsure, a health professional will need to complete the assessment.

A self-assessment is sent around the time of the licence holder’s birthday and is designed to help the licence holder consider their health and ability to drive safely.

A self-assessment can be completed online with a mySA GOV account.

Assessing fitness to drive

When completing a certificate of fitness, the health professional is required to examine the licence holder in accordance with the standards contained in the National Transport Commission national guidelines Assessing fitness to drive - commercial and private vehicle drivers October 2016.

The guidelines have been adopted for use by health professionals and driver licensing authorities in all states and territories of Australia and New Zealand.

What happens next

Submit by email

You can lodge a Certificate of Fitness or Self-Assessment by emailing the scanned document to

All pages including the front page of the Certificate of Fitness or Self-Assessment must be included in the scanned document.

Submit in person

Submit your certificate of fitness or self-assessment in person at a Service SA customer service centre

Self-assessments can also be completed online with a mySA GOV account

Submit by post

Mail the completed certificate of fitness or self-assessment to:

Service SA
GPO Box 1533
Adelaide SA 5001

Contact Service SA


Only send general enquiries online. Service SA will respond within three working days.

If the matter is urgent or is specifically about your current licence or registration, please phone or visit a customer service centre instead.

Enquire now



GPO Box 1533
Adelaide SA 5001

In person

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